Lake Mckenzie: Most awe-inspiring on Fraser

This is backpackers’ paradise on the east coast of Australia! Yes, Lake Mckenzie is the most visited natural body on the Fraser Island that itself is the hub of many shimmering beauties! This one is certainly a perched lake. This indicates that the lake is the body of rain water only instead of groundwater and that no stream feeds it nor does it meet any ocean. So, what is the secret of rain water not being drained away? Well, it is the bottom’s sand as well as organic matter, which make up for an impervious layer. So, for the tourists, Lake Mckenzie is one of the best blue highlights, which is fully shimmering throughout the year.

The water of the lake engulfs two hues of blue as well as green: light at the shore and dark as one goes further from the coast. Okay, before that, what is even more striking is its pure white silica sand that not only shimmers to soothe the eyes, but is also too soft to comfort the legs as you stroll along the Lake Mckenzie beach here. Surprised? Yes, there is a beach here. And above all, it is this sand that filters the water to ensure its purity. After all, it is the endlessly appealing blues and greens that make up for a well fascinating trip at the sight that is worth a look in the soft light of sunrise. Although this is the lake in the middle of the island, the scene is of a genuine Caribbean coast in Australia!

Lake McKenzie over 150 hectares and depth of 5 meters at 100 metres above sea level is just apt for swimming and reclining. Most of the tourists say that the fine sand not only exfoliates the skin, but also your jewelry to sparkle as if it is newly purchased. Many of them claim to be the most spectacular spot for swimming in the country amidst its white sand, dingoes at the edge, and aquamarine fresh water. The additional bonus is that even if it is winter, the water is generally warm here for swimming as winter usually does not full the Australian territory heavily with snow. However, do not expect surfing here. If you are looking for a spotless beach with soft silicon dunes as well as freshwater lake, Lake McKenzie is just for you. It is like visiting the most stunning of the 40 freshwater lakes on the largest sand island of the planet. How exciting this can be!

When you are on the Fraser Island, a 4WD camping tour is a must on the well-trodden backpacker trail on the east coast. And doing so, will take you to this lake. If at all you are scheduling for your own 4WD excursion, swim only in these lakes, as the east coast is famous as a tiger-shark breeding ground. Alternatively, you can trek the beautiful, 90 km long track known as the Fraser Island Great Walk – start from the Kingfisher Bay where the ferry can drop you to reach the lake. So, if you are adventurous, hire a self-drive vehicle to take a tour of the lake and greet those indigenous dingoes. However, if you are not so adventurous, be a part of one of the plenty of organized tours of the island.

In the surroundings of the lake, great camping facilities are always available where each site is equipped with its own wood as well as camp fire. And yes, cold showers as well as toilets are nearby. This is among the must-to-experience Fraser island tours!

Facilities at the lake

  • Car park
  • Public toilet
  • BBQ facilities
  • Camping
  • Swimming
  • Shaded area
  • Sheltered area
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