Komodo National Park: Enter the dragon land

Mellowing out among the nature’s wonder sand gifts is a heavenly experience as people often feel to go for a green trip. Wildlife reserves and conservation parks are good places to hang out as the trip is full of wonders and at every scene people get awe as the discover something new. And when you are in Komodo National Park, you are sure to get surprises at every stop. The park lies in Wallacea region in Indonesia and has been identified by WWF as a prioritized place for conservation of the environment. The park is in a beautiful place as t is located within the islands of Sumbawa and Flores. This offers the national park plethora of flora and fauna. The park encloses an area of nearly 1,817 sq. km. There are other areas nearby it that will be taken within the boundaries soon, which will make the park almost 2,321sq km.

Flora and Fauna

The national park has both terrestrial as well as marine wild life, though the marine wild life is much richer than the terrestrial one. Reptiles are the main attraction in terrestrial fauna as you can see the Komodo dragon which is the largest of its kind and is almost 3 mts long. Other animals that will fascinate you are 9 different species of lizards, Timor deer (which is the prime prey of Komodo Dragon), water buffalos, wild boar, palm civets and fruit bats.

The marine fauna is rich with wildlife as the marine water consists of almost 67 % of the Komodo a national park. The water has rich collection of coral reefs and the mangrove trees give an eerie look to the water land. Apart from coral reefs, sponges of varied kinds, mollusks, fishes of over 100 species, marines mammals like dolphins and whales, and marine reptiles are noticeable. The park houses species of high commercial values such as sea cucumbers, Napoleon wrasses, and groupers.


One can enjoy his or her stay in the national park till the hilt as there are varied sorts of accommodation available in Komodo National Park. Eco lodges, resorts are common shelter, while ranger’s houses and boat accommodations are availed by adventure buffs.

Best tome to visit

Between the months April and December, the park is good for tourists as the weather stays clement.

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