Kollengode Travel Attractions in Kerala

Giving the best scenic delights ever, Kerala God’s Own Country has a reason to be proud of its innumerable destinations and the most fascinating locales. One of the most visited villages in this lovely paradise is Kollengode. Tours to Kollengode would involve seeing the best sights of paddy fields and lovely verdant stretches.

Ensconced in the surroundings of the best ambience Kollengode village is around 19 km from Palakkad. It is best known for the most picturesque surroundings and the best scenic delights. Kollengode often referred to as the granary of Kerala brings with it the ultimate travel memories and the greatest tourist luxury. This is a village which with its simple ambience and enchanting surroundings beckons the tourist to lap up its beauty and savour the thrill of being in a garden of eden in Kerala.


There is something magnetic about this place as the sleepy haunt here comes to life with the sound of the birds chirping in the morning and the trees swaying in tandem in the horizon. ‘

Getting its name from the blacksmith community or the Kollen, this village means the land of the blacksmith. So if you are a history lover, or a nature buff or an adventure enthusiast, Kollengode has sights that would never disappoint you. There are beautiful travel experiences in Kollengode out of which the Kollengode Palace is worth visiting. Also go to the Vishnu temple which gives great religious experiences. Then there is the memorial of P. Kunhiraman Nair which is another architectural beauty. The splendour of the architectural elegance and constructional grace is a lovely experience. There are the regions of Seethakundu and Govindamalai which are very near Kaachankurichi and are best spots for trekking.

With Palakkad as the nearest railhead and Coimbatore as the nearest airport, Kollengode is a lovely travel locale for all those who wish to come to this part of India, and who want the most memorable travel pleasures.

Earlier a capital of the Kollengode kings, this has the Kollengode Palace which is very famous for its traditional kind of architecture. Today the structure is a museum and has the best displays of paintings and murals from across the Kerala state and also some manuscripts of great value. With the megaliths and the temple models providing ideal travel kitty, Kollengode is not without its share of surprises. The hero stones or veerakallu are another attraction here and the age old engravings and the interesting sculptures of the past eras enthrall the tourists. and they go back with a cherished souvenir of experiences and tales.

Kollengode in Kerala

 It is also said that most of the exhibits of the Museum, have been brought from the Wayanad and Thrissur forests.

Kollengode is a very popular destination for most tourists coming to Palakkad and the yearly festivals and the brandy fair are famous events here which attract most of the tourists. The serene ambience and the beautiful scenery is a source of delight for all, and it is a unique way of encouraging all the tourists coming to this part of Kerala to enjoy this one stop travel experience.

Kollengode festivals

There are beautiful waterfalls here which enchant the tourist. Some of them are the Seetharkundu waterfalls, the Palakapandi waterfalls and the Vittu Thotti water falls and all these falls are visible anywhere from the Kollengode village.

Palakapandi waterfalls

The Kachakurichi temple with Lord Vishnu as the presiding deity is another temple here which beckons the pilgrims and this huge temple is revered by all as the Tirupathi of Kerala and it was Sage Vyasa who built this. It is also believed that Sage Vyasa performed a penance behind the hill called Govinda Malai.

The Kollengode village is a lovely paradise in Kerala which is a must see in Kerala tours.

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