Kerala, The True Beauty of India!

India has always been an attractive places to explore some new things of life, specially given its love for people and other valuable things of life like lovely backwaters, exotic spices, tantalizing sea food and the most appealing its beaches – this could be found no other place than Kerala, as they say God’s own country! I was seriously mesmerized by the beauty of its surrounding area when I first arrived at kerala, it’s the place where people LIVE LIFE KING SIZE! There are no worries, no office tensions; you just get engulfed in its lovely environment and peace of mind weather. There are rice boats, which are floating across the backwaters, and the sailors lazily enjoying the sun with perches above.

Kerala Beach

Kerala is the place where you can see lots of vibrancy in customs, traditions, food, religions, beliefs and languages. I felt like walking away miles of lovely white sandy beaches strolling and enjoying the wonderful blue weather outside with vanilla vines crawling around the cashew nut trees, I felt like this is one of the most beautiful places for a leisurekerala food holiday along with extra bonanza, you get to see so much of nature’s beauty, you get close to nature and learn to live in nature’s glory. The most of all I liked about kerala is its lovely good, as myself and my partner Tony decided on having traditional kerala food, my mouth was almost watering with happiness and excitement, the exotic species of fish dishes and lovely spices to smoother your taste buds along with coconut curry to go with. Other food items included tuna which was spiced with cardamom, fresh curry leaves, shrimps with onions, garlic, ginger and chilli, there are bhajis which were made out of drum sticks and string hoppers, I was so astonished to see all this things were home made especially their garlic and lemon pickles, they truly got some talent, I believe!

Later on, I came to know that majority of people in kerala use the spices grown in their own farms, such exotic flavors, and strong smell of spices really made me feel, how nature has given us the best things of life to enjoy. As we entered spice plantation, I could feel a sense as if I have sprayed some spray in the atmosphere, lovely smell of spices was passing through us, inviting us with beautiful flowers of different colors and sizes kept at the gate. As I was having a look at cinnamon trees grown just few days back, I saw pudding was growing the next side of the farm, there are other fruits like mango, papaya being planted there. For them, it doesn’t take much effort to plant trees as they are used to it and can do it very smoothly without any sort of confusion in the mind. The first things I wanted was to drink a lovely cool liquid from the coconuts hanging above us, I saw a local climb up to the tree like a monkey and getting us 2 big huge watery coconuts, the taste was sweet and it almost filled me up, I don’t know whether I have any space left for my dinner now! Later I saw there were small steps made on the main stem of the tree so as to support them in their climb, seeing him climbing just in few seconds was seriously a treat, believe me on that!

Kerala wooden cottage housesThe other most important things I wanted to do in kerala was staying in their wooden cottage houses, as I used to see in travel magazines and national televisions, we rented a private cottage house with a verandah outside showing truly a sign of a kerala home with carved elephants at the front, this was all so traditional I was seriously impressed from the bottom of my heart. As I entered the house, I saw there were old antiques on display, the room gave me positive energy, there was something really special about the room, even I don’t know what it was, my heart suddenly transformed from a hurriedly living entity to one with a cool mind, serene atmospheric one, I felt like I achieved everything in life, such was the feeling! I wouldn’t be ashamed to say, that I seriously liked such type of living, bathrooms were outside the houses, that means you bath in natural air outside with lovely skies above you, of course, there are 4 wooden walls, which are viable to shift from one place to another.

By now, I was seriously in love with Kerala with all the goodness it has to offer, the next day I was sure was going to be filled with more excitement and lots of things to learn from nature. The morning was a traditional yoga session, I heard they can cure any types of body problems with regular sessions of yoga, although there are many an exceptional cases, I loved the food being served and made by our cook Nina, within the next 15 minutes I saw myself snoozing away on the hammock which was hung in the verandah just facing the sea, I had the best experience of my life sleeping in a natural environment. The evenings were full of entertainment, may be, it was some tradition here, I am not sure, the first day I saw elephant popping inside the veranda to take some water while on its way to temple festival, the other days I simply loved the atmospheric rituals of them burning incense sticks, full of aromatic flavors, sometimes it was a sandalwood smoke to ward off mosquitoes or simple to please their guests with perfumed rooms. There are all types of celebrations happening here, but the most common being all south-Indian festivals, because majority of the population here is south Indians, they speak one language, Telugu, although some places you can see the influence of foreign culture mainly in towns and cities.

After just 3 days, I was so accustomed to the people here, they understood what I was trying to say and learnt that I could go for their traditional massage therapy, which if taken in regular sessions, can cure any body ailments relating to bones or blood circulation, this was the first things I wanted to go for the next morning, I immediately booked my appointment for the next early morning session, set my alarm and went to bed early. As I entered the massage room the next morning, I could see, there were different herbs mixed in water for bathing, along with traditional kerala oils used for different types of massages. There was a wooden bench, specially made for massage, I enjoyed every single minute of my massage, later I was taken to the steam room, which was all aromatic again and then bathed with the water mixed with different herbs, I felt as fresh as I got up from my sleep! I enjoyed the most beautiful things of life while in kerala, afternoons I went for shopping for traditional kerala fabric for my wife (hope she likes it) as I entered to store there were fabric materials available, ready made dresses, pyjamas, sarongs, salwar and lots of other traditional clothes ware. I shopped for a few items and was out exploring the other markets here.

Walking long, I came across one huge spices markets, the aroma, oh my god was simply awe inspiring, we thought of having some refreshments and in no time I was having their traditional dosas and idlis being served on roadside, the opposite side I saw numerous varieties of bananas then our usual yellow ones, there were green, orange and brown bananas having different food properties, I had a little taste of them all and loved their flavors. More than the spices here, kerala is visited by people to enjoy the backwaters, the stretch starts from kollam to kochi, it was again a wonderful experience sailing on the open boat for nearly 3 hours, for distances we could just see palm trees and mangroves around us, I felt like I am stuck in the middle of some islands but locals are more aware about any thing here. The view of canals, rives and lakes is fascinating treat for the eyes and to top it the keralean lifestyle and the way of living. By now, I was feeling seriously lucky to having visited such beautiful place in my life rather than opting for any European countries, I enjoyed every bit of my time here with nature, the food, the spices and everything I came across. The place has everything to offer given in a traditional manner that is more enjoyable than the things, which our modern machines have to offer.

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  1. Stephen says:

    Kerala has always been my favorite holiday destinations. I have been to Kerala 4 times in last 2 years. Most important things I like about Kerala is its culture and food.
    Stephen´s last blog ..Some important tips if you are travelling to Europe My ComLuv Profile

  2. sainikudu says:

    Kerala, one of the smallest states in India is one of the famous tourists attractions in South India. There are many fascinating elements that make Kerala a good tourist spot. Of them the thick forests with coconut trees allure many people all over the world. The hospitality shown by the keralites makes people to visit kerala often. The Literacy rate here is almost 100%, the only state to have all literates in India. Also Kerala has its own culture and traditions, the festivals that are celebrated here are note worthy. The festival of ships called Onam and the festival of elephants, all of them contribute to the True Beauty of India. It is a worth seeing tourist spot.

  3. Lionel says:

    This is one of the most spectacular states of India! Its totally different compared to any states. I just don’t have words to express how much I enjoyed when I had gone for a trip to India.

  4. Xabi says:

    Best memories ever in my life was visiting Kerala. That special style of having your food on a leaf. Greenery al by your side, that backwater ride! I am again into those days where I had some best moments of my life!

  5. Josh says:

    I heard about god’s own country its KERALA!

  6. Richie says:

    This very few people might be knowing, Kerala is among the 20 top most tourist destinations of the world!

  7. Richie says:

    If you want to see true Indian culture, then you must visit this place! Till date it has the best Indian culture according to me.

  8. Sorce says:

    Tradition, food, herbs, sea shores, temples, forts, tea estates and many many more you have to enjoy while visiting this place!

  9. Sacred says:

    I would like to add few more things such as small city called Kottakkal is very much famous for its ayurvedic meditation. Munnar beautiful hill station loaded with Tea estates.

  10. Didier says:

    How can one forget to include Guruvayur, Trichur and Shabrimala! one of the best devotional places in India!

  11. Andrea says:

    After having an Ayurved Massage in Kerala, you will find your in a totally different world! your mind will be so peaceful that you won’t have any worries for that moment!

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