Kalighat – the Tale Of Power

Come to India and get in touch with the intrigue and mystique behind the country. India is a land of traditions and is a place where you would find the best of experiences. In this land of culture and habits you would find a place called Kalighat. Lying in Kolkata the city of joy in the state of West Bengal, this is a great temple destination to be visited.

There is a bow shaped region which stretches from Dakshineshwar to Bahulpur or Behala of today. This is the Kalkikhetra or the region of Kali. It is said that Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu lie in the three corners while Kali Devi is in the centre.


It is said that anyone who lives in this region would be absolved of all sins. Kalikshetra dates back to around 2000 years back when there was a region which was referred to as Kaligrama which was situated near the village of Gobindapur on the River Ganges.

So Kalighat dates back to the times of the Guptas as per some coins that were excavated from this region. When the Buddhist supremacy got over, the Tantrik works of Bengal started. Those days the routes of trade were predominantly water. Thus Adi Ganga was a major river body in those days.

Adi Ganga

Goddess Kali was important in this region. The dense forests led to the dock area or the Ghat. Thus this area began to be called Kaliganga or Kalighat. Thus the region of Kalighat in those days was a small structure like a hut with an Idol of Kali there with jungle surrounding the place.

Today the Goddess kali idol is made of touchstone and is believed to have been made by Atmaram Giri and Brahmananda Giri two great saints. The Kalighat shrine is believed to be one of the 51important shrines in India. It is said that when Shiva was in grief carrying Sati’s body, then her toes of her right foot fell here in the area of Kalighat. These fingers were also apparently found and have been preserved in a silver box which is kept in the north east corner.

Kalighat has the Kali temple which was rebuilt by the Saborno Choudhries of Borisha.

Kali temple

There is also a legend that says that once a devotee found ray of light coming from the bed of the River Bhaghirathi, and when he investigated it showed that the source was from a piece of stone that looked like a human toe. Then he also found a lingam which had come up on its own and thus started the worship of Goddess Kali here.

Kalighat is also related to the worship that was offered by a saint named Chowranga Giri . In fact, the Chowringhee area in Kolkata is said to be named after this great leader and saint.

Kali Mata

The Kali temple at Kalighat is open from five in the morning to 2 in the afternoon and from five in the evening to 10.30 in then night. Aarthis are held every morning and evening.

The best days to avoid crowd is Thursday and Wednesday. Tuesdays and Saturdays are very crowded. .

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