Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

God’s own country invites you to come and visit this lovely fascinating land of natural treasures and charming sights. A paradise for all tourists and a perfect travel locale for all travelers coming to this part of the world, the state of Kerala, showcases the entire beauty and charm that this place exudes . the Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary is one such interesting locale in this part of India and is a greatly favoured destination of all avifauna lovers.

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

So get into this densely forested zone with the best of Kerala tourism in your control and enjoy this tour in one of the best sanctuaries in Kerala. With the best kind of leafy expanse and an ideal scenic locale the streams and the terrain here only add to the travel pleasures.

So discover yourself in this verdant beauty and get to see the best sights of the most varied bird species. More than 60 kinds of migratory birds live here. the whole area seems to chirp with the songs of the birds and lends ideal colourful visual treats which are great travel memories.

Situated around 19 km from Kozhikode, in Kerala, this lovely verdant stretch has more than a hundred kinds of avifauna besides of course to being home to mussels and crabs too. Spanning over 3 km this beautiful land of hillocks is around 200 m above the sea level. So the stupendous scenic views of the river Kadalundi are an added visual delight to the curious traveler coming here. Also the sandpipers, whimbrels, sea terns, gulls are great attractions here providing great travel delights in  the months of April and November especially. So plan your tour such that you are here sometime in the months of April or December such that you get to see the best bird sights.

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary is serenity personified. So the bliss of tranquil zones, and the thrill of trekking coupled with the excitement of photographic ecstasy are all a major feature of coming here in this land of birds. Indulge yourself luxuriously to the green zones here and pamper your travel kitty with greatly treasured travel memories.

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary has the Beypore Port around 7 km from here and has a group of islands giving great scenic pleasures. Locally people call it the Kadalundi Nagaram. An absolute virginal experience this is a place where tourists love to come in search of Mother Nature’s blessings.

The birds here are many and in great variety. So the Brahminy kits, the egrets, terns, herons and cormorants are great favorites here besides the other exotic avifauna. Tourists also like to come here to see the turtles which come here to explore this area. Tourists normally come to the forest departments’ boat as turtles are found here in plenty. The climate here is very pleasant and acceptable to all and provides the right ambience to go around the place. It is advisable not to visit this place in the months of May to July as the area doesn’t receive enough rainfall during this time. One can also come to this sanctuary as a day trip.

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

It is seen that most of the wealthier people live in and around the sanctuary. So the row of luxury bungalows that are seen here catch the interest of the tourists coming here. Take your own meal here as there are very few eateries here in this region. the jetty here is dotted with innumerable crabs so the entire experience is unique, interesting and exciting.

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