Jungle Safari across Nepal’s National Parks

After covering the ‘Royal Chitwan National Park’ jungle safari in the last post now we look forward to the other equally thrilling adventures in Nepal’s other nature reserves.

Bardia National Park Safari:

A safari through the jungles of Bardia National Park will set your soul free.

It is located east to the River of Karnali and lies in the western plain lands of Nepal. It spans an area of 968 square kilometers. The Bardia National Park is situated in the Terai region and is the most untouched and largest protected region.

Bardia National Park

Rare Gangetic Dolphin and wild elephants!

Many endangered species have refuge in this reserve. The animals residing here include the wild elephants, swamp deer, tigers, gharial crocodile and the marsh mugger crocodile. Rhinoceros, blackbucks, and the rare gangetic dolphins are also to be found here.

Enchanting birds:

The beautiful Sarus crane, lesser florican, the enchanting Silver eared mesia, the Bengal florican can all be sighted in this natural paradise. An ideal place for game viewing as the Bardia National Park is filled with glades and grasslands.

Bengal florican

Let the Safari Begin:

Jeep drive or elephant back ride safari across this park is quite famous among tourists. From the elephant back you can spot rhinoceros and encounter small herds of elephants. There are more than 30 different mammals, reptiles, 250 species of birds and aquatic animals.

Sukarmala is great place to get wonderful views of the valley of Surkhet and Terai plains. One can also catch the game fish masher here.

The Koshi Tappu Safari:

This nature reserve is located in eastern Nepal. It lies in the districts of Saptari and Sunsari. The Safari includes the vast lush blue waters of Koshi river which is surrounded by green jungles on either sides.

In the forest one can spot jackals, wild buffaloes, spotted deer, wild boar, blue bell and hog deer. The forest vegetation consists of the grasslands of khar-pater, khair-sissoo scrub forest and mixed deciduous jungle.

Koshi Tappu Safari

One can see the elephant stable of hattisar which is the place where the elephants breed. You can spot various birds along the river during dusk and dawn. Downstream the river is Bararge from where you can see these amazing sights.

One can reach the deluxe camp facility at Koshi Tappu by a short flight from Kathmandu. The bus travel to this safari camp can take eight hours.

Rara National Park Safari:

This National Park has the biggest lake in Nepal the Rara Lake. The national park spans an area of 106 square kilometers and is situated in the districts of Jumla and Mugu. The famous lake is oval in shape, 167 meters deep and is at the heart of the park.

Rara national park

By this safari you can walk or travel through the beautiful grassland and rural villages in this nature reserve. There is abundant wild life along with native’s indigenous cultures and religions. The safari explores the forest of coniferous where you can spot the bushes of Rhododendron, oak, Himalayan cypress and spruce, black juniper.

One can encounter many migrating birds such as the common teal, red crested pochard, black necked grebe, coots, gallinaceous birds which are ground feeding game birds. The animals of the reserve include black bear, leopard, jackal, red panda, wild boar, rhesus macaque, musk deer. Some of the other animals are the wild yellow throated marten, common langur, Himalayan Thar and the wild dog. Many endangered animals are found in this nature reserve.

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  1. Christine says:

    i had been to the chitwan few years back..we had stayed in one of the lodges in the jungle safari..it was quite an exoerience to sleep in the tree house though the we had to put a brave fight against the mosquitoes..and what i enjoyed the most about my trip is the elephant bath…i felt like Jane from tarzan flick, so close to the nature..with elephant’s trunk splashing water instead of a shower.. using all the strength to get at the top and sit on the elephant back, it was like for change elephant had become my sibling and me a 10 yr kid fighting with him…

  2. robbin says:

    While you on the safari one thing you could not help but notice most are the one horn rhinos and the crocodiles..i would suggest one opt for the elephant back safari rather taking jeep safaris..it’s an experience in itself to go over these hilly and bumpy roads on the elephant back..

  3. Gerry says:

    Chitwan it will always remain special holiday for me…it was here that i first experienced the hailstone falling like crystals from the sky and melting on the lush green grass..well they were of less density so i could even manage to catch one or two..yay!!!

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