Jim Corbett National Park Travel Experiences

The Jim Corbett National Park is named after the famous hunter Jim Corbett who was also a conservationist. He was majorly responsible for establishing this national park in India. Started in the year 1936, this was initially named the Hailey National Park. Located in the district of Nainital in the state of Uttarakhand, this is a protected zone and houses the Bengal tiger which falls under the endangered category. The Project Tiger mainly focuses on ensuring that this species of tiger survives.

With the geographical zone of the sub Himalayan region forming a background, the ecological nature of this park makes it a perfect ecotourism destination and the plethora of flora and fauna only adds to the beauty of the experience here. With around 488 species of plants and a myriad variety of fauna, the park is a total delight for the nature lover. Today with a lot many problems there are lot of ecological challenges to the Jim Corbett National Park yet there are measures being taken to ensure that the wildlife is safe here.

Jim Corbett National Park

Wildlife lovers visit this park and enjoy the scenic splendor here . The diverse kind of wildlife here is what is the major attraction and thus it is no surprise that more than 70,000 tourists come here every season from not only India but across the world.

Spanning around 508 square kilometres this has the best landscape with beautiful hills, gorgeous riverine belts, lovely grasslands, and naturally occurring marshy depressions besides having a gigantic lake. Perched at a height of around 1,300 feet the winters here are cold and the days are warm and pleasant.

With forests of the pipal, sal, mango, haldu and Rohini dominating the deciduous vegetation here the grasslands occupy around 10% of the area. More than 50 species of mammals, 110 tree species, and 580 species of birds are found here besides 25 species of reptiles. This was incidentally the first sanctuary that came under the shelter of the project Tiger programme.

The beautiful Ramganga River and the lovely locales of the Sonanadi wildlife sanctuary nearby render complete beauty to the ambience and it is no wonder that the place is a perfect paradise in this part of the world.

Ramganga River

The Jim Corbett national park is famous for its elephant safari and the adventurous experience here is something that has to be experienced to be believed. The jeep safari is another activity that is predominant in the park and the entire travel feeling here is exciting and filled with a lot of thrilling activities.

The langur monkey, wild elephant, peacock, rhesus macaque, and many types of chital and deer are found here. Besides you can see the sambars, barking deer and the hog deer too. Crocodiles, monitor lizards and the gharials are found along with wild boars, leopards and jackals.

Langur monkey Barking deer

A bird watcher would go berserk here seeing the lovely birds and the idyllic ambience. The Kalagarah Dam is located on the River Ramganga thus the waterfowls are found here in plenty. The park is best visited between mid October to the middle of June. It is quite crowded in the weekends. The park closes at sunset and no night activity is allowed.

So this national park is a must visit if you are going to visit India any time soon.

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