Jejuri: The Abode of The Lord Khandoba

Maharashtra is a place where you will find many religious spots. People here have a devotional bent of mind and you can explore many places which have a rich religious significance. Jejuri is one such spot.

On every Monday, thousands flock to the shrine of Khandoba, a mini destination and abode of Lord Khandoba which is located at Jejuri, quite near to Pune.

The devotees from all over India throng the Khandoba temple to shower their Lord with brilliant yellow flowers to make his abode into ‘Sonyachi’- which means into golden or Jejuri.

Jejuri of The Lord Khandoba

When you approach the foot hill at Jejuri near Pune, you will find a cluster of kiosks lined up with ritual articles, flowers, coconuts and snacks and humming with activity, and you are all set to climb the steps to Gadkot, the fortified temple above. You can see the anxiety and reverence of the devotees and they can barely wait to commune with their revered deity, Khandoba, an avatar of Lord Shiva, and his kingdom- Jejuri.

Jejuri Temple

It is 900,000 steps to the top, but the effort is immensely rewarding for the wealth of rituals, beliefs, sculptures, shrines, and of course the spectacular and panoramic view from the top. Archways span the steps, flanked by the deepmalas, tall stone lamp pillars, built by the grateful devotees whose wished have been fulfilled by Lord Khandoba. The shrine is permanently covered with turmeric and even rituals are carried out in this color scheme.

Once you are at the top, you enter into a vast court yard open to the sky, with a temple in the encircled by arched aisles and sanctified by the small shrines. Then you enter Khandoba’s realm, a sacred site that is the focus of myriad rituals and beliefs devoted to him, and the place your pleas are heard by the lord. In this treasured moment in front of the silver masks of lord Khandoba, worshippers bow before their divine images, lay bare their troubles and feel calm and relaxed.  Walking down the steps gives you a feel of gratification; your heart and mind are in complete harmony and walk away from this mini destination of Jejuri with peace and tranquility.

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