Ingapirca: Eucador’s Incan gem

If you ever make a plan to tour Eucador, do allot some time to Ingapirca, the famous town in whose outskirts you will come across some intact Incan ruins. Exactly standing for the ‘Wall of Inca’, Ingapirca ruins are among the largest ones in the country although they are not as majestic as Chichen Itza or Machu Picchu. Most of the tourists take a chance to admire the ruins in their one-day trip while heading from the Cuenca city. Here, I need to tell you that several hotels in this city will offer you this trip; so, check that out!

Shrouded in mystery!

According to me, Ingapirca is still a splendid archaeological site to which the partially appealing scenery adds its own glow – the lonely hills of Southern Sierra. Despite the fact that several artifacts have been excavated, nobody is still sure about its purpose rendering it as the ‘Incan History’s Mystery’. However, the ruins present here via its unique features seem to yell “Inca!” and so it was found to be an Incan town. Several theories about its purpose exist of which a famous one is of a ceremonial center as the ruins were found atop an old structural complex.

Adorned with true architectural gems!

The most vital structure here is the Temple of the Sun – an oval edifice showing off the standard Incan architecture such as no use of mortar. This only feature of their structural design have left several archeologists as well as historians amazed. In fact, the whole of Ingapirca is the outstanding model that reflects the hand abilities of these famous ancestors of ours along with the knowledge possessed by them. This temple is erected to also unveil the astronomical know-how of the Incans. On the days of solstices, the light of the sun passes exactly from the middle of a doorway tucked on the top of a chamber. However, today, many parts have collapsed.

Look for Ingachungana that is the home of a ritual altar. It is believed that several sacrifices had taken place over it due to which it is named ‘Silla del Inca’ – ‘Throne of the Inca’. Besides this carved rock formation, a natural formation also exists, which is known as the Face of Inca – Cara del Inca.

Known for these days

I recommend coming to Ingapirca around 24th June so that you can celebrate the Festival of the Sun that is also known as Inti Raymi. In the past, the Incans celebrated it on the winter solstice day as a religious event devoted to their utmost revered deity, Sun (Inti). Now, this makes it very clear that the festival’s venue was the Temple of the Sun. Today, the true atmosphere of this event is recreated in a few areas of South America for the locals and tourists on June 24. If you can make up for attending this festival before the ruins, your this little effort will reveal much more about the ruins as well as the Incans.

Offered accommodations

The hamlets just close to the ruins suitable for night stays are El Tambo and Canar. The reason why I am asking you to stay here is prevention of huge traffic later. I mean if you travel on June 24th, you will have to bear much crowd. So, plan for staying here before this day and do not be in a hurry in returning back.

Recommended trips

From Cuenca, it is a two hour journey through bus, which will give you a chance to enjoy the great site views. However, you must plan well in advance. From Cuenca, your overall trip will be of seven hours. A bus tour is good as it includes not only the transportation fees, but also the guide as well as food charges. Such a tour mostly begins at 8 am after which it will have stops for meals and shopping.


To book an ideal local tour company, your hotel in Cuenca is the best place of inquiry.

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