Indulging In Desert Romance Of Tunisia – Part I

String of golden sandy beaches, lustrous sunshine, quirky peculiarities are several recreations lounging in Tunisia. To experience these enchanting characteristics, heaps of tourists pay visits and this is conspicuous when their numbers surpass the local populace, especially during the summer. Tunisia is one of the most serenely African destinations which boast vast sand dunes that rise like brushstrokes near Douz in the Sahara Desert. The round-shaped homes in Jerba and Houmt Souq are very much pleasing to the eyes as they flaunt some of the most magnificent colors that shelter multi-ethnic groups.

The bone-dry landscapes on the south reclining close by Tozeur afford a splendid contrasting view with the sparkling waters of Mediterranean Sea that cover Tunisia’s Northern and Eastern shores. The tranquil northern coast beaches loom as a surprise package to the tourists who huddle the extensive sandy stretches of Hammamet and Monastir. The much-hyped and popular Star War film sets witnesses visits of loads of tourists. Tunis, capital city of Tunisia although gritty is famed for its energetic characteristic of being a vibrant urban centre. The walls of Medina are packed with large numbers of tourists and even merchandisers keen for making money.

holidays to tunisia Tunisia is an amazing retreat and promises for a pleasant stay; it affords soothing accommodation amenities like luxurious, air-conditioned site in the midst of the remote desert; atypical sophisticated rural shelter on Jerba Island; early merchants’ Inns embellished with kaleidoscopic titles and fine courtyards. Although, package-tourism in the country has contributed largely for bringing development and raised employment in certain parts of the country, most of the orthodox locals bear loathe against modern influences. Therefore, tour around lightly and peek-a-boo at its fascinating and diverse-cultural facades.

Tourist attractions


Tunis is an exciting city for viewing Tunisia’s contrasting western and eastern characteristics; however don’t expect much from this city as it is by no manner a fascinating city of Tunisia. Tourist exploring the city will find sights of tousled streets of Medina clogged with buyers and sellers carting goods around, enclosed with the smell of spices and sweat. Its mess can be transferable and you may find yourself bargaining over a buck, before you lounge and sip cozily in a sidewalk café.

tunisia tourism Stroll in the boulevards of Ave Habib Bourguiba where locals catch up a leisurely walk in the evenings, even this straight street of Ville Nouvelle contrasts the entangled Medina’s maze. Apart from this, Tunis’s attraction lays down in the exteriors of the city. Grab the captivating sights of Tunisia’s archaeological ruins in the splendid array of Bardo Museum and antique remnants of the old Carthage. Make your evenings pleasant by heading in the dazzling Mediterranean suburb of Sidi Bou Said where families, romantic couples and naughty kids gather for catching up fun. However, make sure that you explore Tunis during day time as during that time Tunis is shimmering with its gorgeous sun-bleached look.

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