Indulgence In Quirky Paradises: Comoros

Shimmering across the Indian Ocean, Comoros is an exceptional, eerie, mind-boggling, bizarre and enthralling spot which is worthwhile visiting. One can take a break from the worldwide tensions and abandon the planet Earth in the soothing lap of Comoros. Placed remotely from the world, Comoros welcomes the tourists by bestowing conventional paradises like impressive hotels and neon discs. Comoros makes a perfect hideout even for the international tourists. Especially, Moheli Island which flaunts the scenic town of Fomboni is the most enchanting experience to be in. The most stunning and distinct eye-candy is Anjouan; it can be referred as the most pretty amongst the common clutter of the rest of islands. It is a true paradise as it leaves behind the common expectations of the tourists and presents an overall new travel world with- palms, bananas, the mind-soothing ambiance of ylang-ylang and cloves.

comoros attractions Enriched with culture and religions, it possesses rich Swahili culture and religiously believes in Islam. It has diversity in its populace with the inhabitants coming out of diverse regions and comprised out of Arab traders, Persian sultans, African slaves and Portuguese pirates. The four flourished islands affords for atypical variety ranging from white-sand beaches by turquoise seas to hiking in the ecstatic rainforests in a lookout of giant bats.

indian ocean facts One can behold the largest active volcano of the world, Mt Karthala that is located in the largest island of Grande Comore. Last time, it burst out in 2005 and flattened villages. The after effects have however created a magnificent view over the mountains by granting it a desert landscape on the mountain. It provides ample opportunities for hiking and walking on the mountains, both for novice as well as experts. Grand Comore also flaunts the eternal Moroni, which swanks ancient Arabian panache. Mayotte, the only beach amongst the other four beaches, remains to be a part of France. Tourists love it for its whitest white sand beach, whereas some point out it as a little ‘French’.

holidays indian ocean Apart from Mayotte, which is a part of France, the other three islands have experienced almost 20 coups since winning independence in 1975, and they have been nicknamed as ‘Cloud Coup-Coup’ because of their crazy politics. In fact, Comorian president is fortunate if he gets time for his official portrait, before the army officers knock at his doors. However, in the last few decades, troublesome situations seem to be taking rest as the querulous prone-independent islands concede to put their resentments aside and conglomerate together under a united banner of the Union des Comores.

Despite of its unique traits, traveling in Comoros is not an easy one, as it may kick you far at times. However, it is good to be here to experience distinct things and the most cherished one is that it teaches lessons in patience, resilience and modesty. Everything flows at their slow pace, and tourism amenities par luxuriousness. Here, the following of Islam and other traditions are clearly apparent. You will find women’s covered up as they are expected to show humility. Drinking alcohol is seen as sin and it isn’t approved for both the sexes. Come in this exotic land of Comoros and experience yourself the strutting adventure, you haven’t experienced before in your life.

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