Indian travel destinations at Chilka Lake Bird Sanctuary

With beautiful backgrounds and the most pleasant surroundings, the greenery in India is something to be proud about. With the most pristine ambience and a splendid verdant expanse around, India is a land of gardens, parks and sanctuaries.

Bird Sanctuaries in India provide the ideal setting for inhabitation and growth of the avifauna and the surroundings here also protect the most endangered bird species. Under such conditions, the Chilka Lake Bird Sanctuary only comes as another saving grace in the Indian avifauna hubs.

Chilka Lake Bird Sanctuary

Situated in the state of Orissa, The Chilka Lake is one of the largest inland salt water lagoons in Asia. It has the beautiful Honeymoon Island and the Breakfast Island along with it and is separated from the majestic Bay of Bengal by a ridge made of sand.

The lake is pear shaped spreading over an area of around 1,100 square kilometres. With the best kind of flora and fauna, the ecosystem here is typical and unique to this place. The aquatic flora here is enviable and the brackish waters add to the natural habitat making the place a complete haven for all the birds whether they are migrant or native. Chilka is the ideal paradise for a bird watcher and a must see spot for a nature lover.

So the white bellied sea eagles, and the flamingos, the herons and the jacana, the purple moorhen and the graylag geese, all form a great part of the sanctuary. Come home to the world’s largest breeding colony of flamingos.

White bellied sea eagles, Flamingos and Purple moorhen

Chilka‘s region is not only a protective zone for the birds but also for the wild animals such as the spotted deer, the hyenas, the golden jackals and the blackbuck. Besides the aquatic fauna includes the Chilka dolphin, the crab, prawns, and mackerel thus making it a wildlife lover’s delight. The fish are the main source of livelihood for the locals and the innumerable fishing boats here make up a beautiful scene as they set out early in the morning to get the catch for their day. The Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve makes up most of the populace of the pachyderms and don’t get surprised if you also see the herds of elephants here making your travel tour exciting.

Blackbuck Golden jackal

There are many places to see around the Chilka Lake Bird Sanctuary. The nalabana is a reed forest and popular for the migratory birds which come here during the winter season.

Then go to the paradise for the migratory and the resident birds, the Bird’s Island. Here you can see the birds living in their natural habitat. Go to Kalijai and see the place where it is believed Goddess Kali resides. Famous amongst the devotees of Kali, this temple is very popular and the island is popular because of the temple.


While at Chilka Lake Bird Sanctuary, the Chilka dolphins shouldn’t be given a miss. These are a visual treat and a total pleasure for the tourist. Then you have the Malud and the Parikud islands which are found inside the lake. Also the Brahmaputra which is famous as a great scenic spot.

Located around 120 km from Bhubhaneshwar, which is the nearest airport, the Chilka lake bird Sanctuary is easily accessed by road from Puri, Bhubhaneshwar and Cuttack. With Balugaon and Rambha as the nearest stations, the bird sanctuary is certainly a must see spot in a tour in Orissa.

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