Himalayan trekking in Sikkim

This vacation, step on the Sikkim treks that will make you experience a genuine Himalayan trekking. Covertly meandering in the Himalayas, the Sikkim treks are snow-clad trails that tempt each visitor with their tranquil as well as exciting ascents and descents making you feel as if you are taking a tour of the paradise. The snowy Indian state of Sikkim makes every possible effort to ensure a wild Himalayan trekking by making you discover its wildlife amidst its natural charm, calmness, and pure, but cool air. Considered as the Himalayan Land of Natural Opulence and Spiritual Beauty, this Himalayan retreat in India is a must to visit for all those who love Himalayan trekking.

The Sikkim treks make an everlasting appeal not only to the adventure aficionados, but also to those who love sight seeing, Buddhism, and losing weight (just joking). With this, how it would be if you know that you will be trekking the third largest peak on the planet. Yes certainly, trekking Sikkim also means trekking Kanchenjunga that soars up to 28,169 feet.

On your tour of trekking Sikkim, behold the mountains, stunning valleys, rich flora and fauna, evergreen forests, and crystal clear lakes. I think this is the best way to explore the Mother Nature. So, make an effort to spot on the heights the grazing yaks, goral, snow leopards, tahr, blue sheep, and the red panda that is the state animal. Watch out for the 1000 species of orchids that undoubtedly forms a memorable visual in a national park, an alpine sanctuary, two wildlife sanctuaries, and a rhododendron sanctuary.

Many Sikkim treks will give you the glimpses of the pine forests, mountain lakes, monasteries known for its frescoes, and scenic valleys. The adventure here is not only limited to trekking, but it also extended to mountaineering expeditions and river rafting on the Teesta and Rangeet rivers.

Peeling and Khecheopari Trek

This is the four day trail for trekking Sikkim offering several interesting sites. Look for the Khecheopari Lake, the Pemayangtse monastery, and Yuksom leading you to Tashiling monastery and the Legship town. Besides these, you get a chance to discover many pretty towns.

Sikkim Kanchenjunga Trek

This is the most awaited trek that is of 20 days. Trekking Kanchenjunga is not at all easy, but it rewards you with the views of pines, rhododendrons, tall magnolias forests, yak pastures, and green meadows. When you are close to the Nepali border, spot the Samity sacred lake, Onglakhing glacier moraines, and Gocha La pass. Just climb the pass to marvel at the admiring Talung glacier as well as east Kanchenjunga. Other sights visible here are the peaks of Rathong, Talung, Kabru, and Pyramid. When you descend after trekking Kanchenjunga, you pass through the verdant forests of lianas and orchids.

Yuksam-Dzongri-Goccha La Trek

Welcome to the easiest and famous Sikkim trek of nine days! Requiring a trekking permit, this trekking also needs each one to be a part of a group that has at least four people. The main highlights here are the commendable views of the Kangchendzonga Range, pristine woodlands of the Rathong Valley, the alpine meadows, and the clean rhododendron forests. The trek starts from Yuksom, reaches Tsokha, climbs to Pethang, touches Dzongri to give you the breathtaking vistas of the mountains as well as a trekkers hut, meets the Samiti Lake from where the route becomes difficult, and ends at Goccha La (4,940 m) that is the highest point. After this, you start your journey of descending.

Rabongla to Maenam Bhaledunga Trek

Via this off beaten trek of 4 hours, discover the Meanam hill that soars above the Tendong Hill, which looks over the Rabongla bazar. It begins to twist from Rabongla and ends at Meanam from where you can further take up an easy trek up to the Borong village or ardent ones to the Yangyang. If the climate is suitable, spot the plains of Bengal in the south where the Indo-China border resides. Then, trek further to reach in some time at Bhaledunga, an unusual cliff projecting as the head of the cock. Also see the snaky river Teesta meandering in the valley.

Damthang – Tendong Trek

This is a two hour trek that passes through via thick forest packed with diverse flora and fauna. The Tendong hill (8530 ft) is actually worshipped here through rituals because of a great legend according to which the hill safeguarded the Lepcha tribe against a flood that eroded Earth completely. Also look for the residence of the Buddhist lamas who are always seen meditating.

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