Hiking the scenic K2 Godwin Austen

This time it seemed as if I got a wild call from this best trekking region where the splendid Godwin Austen Glacier meet the Baltoro Glacier. This convergence is called Concordia, a term given by the European explorers who found many similarities as see in a glacial meet in the central Alps. Undoubtedly, this is the exciting zone as well as a hidden treasure for all the adventurers. Although there is no climbing, hikes are inevitable to several base camps during which you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the region.

Godwin Austen Glacier

Hiking to the Broad peaks’ base camps will generally take you three hours, which is very fascinating because of the terrain K2 filled with rugged hiking ground. This trekking was just beyond all the limits of thrill along with a couple of Americans. It was so tempting that even though a small encounter with death took place at a base camp close to the phenomenal Himalayas because of a needless avalanche, we all longed for much more. While descending the Boldoro Glacier at 5450 m to which we reached by trekking the Gondogoro Pass, we could spot a different exit. We have to admit that this descend was from a pretty good height. After this thrilling end to 20 days of adventure, we could spend more time in Pakistan deciphering more hiking routes and sights.

K2 trekking

The Karakorum ride!

Taking a trip of the Karakorum highway was quite rhythmic. Linking Pakistan to China, this highway was the brainchild of the Chinese as well as Pakistanis making it the engineering marvel. Take up a drive here to reach Chilas followed by Skardu during which you can enjoy the sight of the wonderfully flowing Indus River. A must drive site!

Driving amidst the nature is just exciting. But before you get bore, marvel at the soaring mountains and hot springs of sulpur at the rear of the Thongal. These will grab the boredom from you. Around the hot springs, check out for the colorful copper stones that are termed as Limi kiser. On spotting them, do ask your guide to reveal the story of the King Kiser who is believed to have super natural powers. The jeep voyage from Skardu to Askoli is just cool where you can enjoy crossing the Braldu River as well as the pretty exquisite hamlets of Thongal, Dassu, and Pakora.

Alternatively, you can also trek to reach Askoli, your real thrill with individual lots to hold. This will consume an hour of yours during which you will just have to control yourself as you walk by the side of calm Braldu River for not throwing water on friends or get wet. It was only after three hours that we could spot the Biafo Glacier, but the effort was certainly rewarded with this eye-soothing sight. Here, the Domodro as well as Biafo rivers along with the panoramic glacier sights make you feel as if you are on a dreamland.

Askoli trek

Believe me; even though it is difficult to trek here; you will refuse to stop because of the unmatchable scenery. However, there are days in between for resting during which you can explore the local areas along with the singing and dancing troops. In addition, the streams below the Paiyu peak as well as the tamarisk trees give you a chance to see fox spore and ibex trails.

The K2 memories

The top sights that will stun you are the remote vistas of the K2 triangle, the Cathedral towers, and the muzzle of the Baltoro Glacier. Our group was so excited that they just could not wait to snap the panoramic vistas. I admit that we all were a jovial group. Locally, K2 is called Chongori that literally means a great mountain. A full day excursion to the base camp here was exhausting, but was satisfying too.

k2 base camp

Belonging to the Karakorum Range, K2 is as high as a 6000 m mountain, which is rocky and rugged. After some distance, it gets converted into the layers of thick snow of pure white color. Its other name as Godwin Austen is actually derived from the British topographer Henry Godwin Austen.

The eyes are captivated, the mind becomes still, and the body becomes stun to see the stunning glacial rivers as well as the icy landscapes that liquefy in the green pastures and wonderful meadows. Even though climbing was not a part, the hiking and trekking itself are very challenging here in order to take pleasure in its panoramic sights of ranges as well as peaks that are abundant here.

Try this trek at least once in your lifetime.

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