Hidden Mysteries In The Land Of Chad

Tourists look it as a get through, rather than visiting. However, there are few travelers who spend several days in the dilapidated, hustle and bustle capital of N’Djamena, en route to Niger and Cameroon. And as the Government is losing its hold over the country, the country’s tourism is falling short day by day. This is because traveling here is very dreadful as only few roads are paved, it gets hotter by summer, costs here are at the continent’s peak and police and soldiers are quite suspicious these days. Also, the NGO’s have started fearing to take hold of new assignments. Beneath this rough façade, lies plethora of Chad’s warmth and culture, if you want to explore it, then you need to take the initiative of getting in the land of Chad.

When you will step inside this land, you will experience loads of surprises that are suppressed in Chad. Popular for its boundless Sahelien vastness, it offers exciting opportunities of taking boat rides on Lake Chad, meandering in the shady streets of southern towns. Its southern town is filled with grimy landscapes, small rivers; blend of green landscapes that are placed oddly appears as quasi-tropical and gives a break from the monotonous tone of the city life. The striking spots here include the desert landscapes of Ennedi and to the South of N’Djamena lies the popular Zakouma National Park. Although these are beyond the backpacker budgets, every penny spent is worth as both these spots are world class.

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Places in and around


Chad’s second largest town, Moundou is located on the north bank of Logone River. It is very famous for its Gala Brewery which is reputed to keep open throughout the ferocious civil war. Get there as it is a cool place to spend a day. Art lovers can get into Musee du Logone Geographique, a private owned premier which houses Chadian crafts and several animal skins. Nearby, one can see wood-carvers and painters engrossed in work at the Centre Artisanal.

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The most conspicuous phenomenon here that strikes the eyes is the austere contrasts between modern and traditional. This unusual phenomenon is attributed to the rural emigration. Today, the capital is developing faster- in 1950’s, it used to house a population of around 37,000, but within a decade it experienced stay of two million people. Even after all this, this town seems to have a rural look with mud houses, people working as farmers over the banks of Chari River.

animals in chadSouth of N’djaména:

Compared to the North, the South thrives; it is the place where the soil turns red. However, here the soldiers and security guards are much more suspicious.

chad weaverZakouma National Park:

Located 800kms to the Southeast of N’Djamena, Zakouma National Park sprawls to an extensive area of 305,000 hectares. This park is the one which buzzes story of Chad’s success. After the civil war devastated the local wildlife, Chadian Government and European Union ventured to re-instate the park. Subsequently, the Zakouma which emerged is a galore of large herds of elephants, giraffes, wildebeests, lions and diverse antelopes, primates and wildlife. Zakouma is credited to be one of the most significant places of Central Africa to view diverse species of wildlife. To get a beautiful and clear view, come here during March and April as the animals accumulate near the watering holes. Visiting here between June and October is not possible as there are heavy rains which hinders in between.

map of chadClimate and best time to visit:

Chad experiences three different climate zones. The best time to visit here is between November and January as it is coolest during this time. But, if you are on a tour to explore the vast wildlife of Zakouma National Park, then the best time is March and April. During July, one can obtain scenic and lush green views of Sahel, however the rainy season is not best time to visit here. This is because during the rainy months of July and August, the capital city drenches in water which makes the road travel slow.

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