Explore the Heart of Alaska

This time my wanderlust to explore everything possible brought me to Alaska, the largest state of U.S.A. I loved every bit of the moment I spent. From whale watching, to glacier tours, trip to historical towns to gold mines, cultural experiences to pure Alaskan adventure, I was completely bowled with the treasure this place holds. Everyday is a new day in Alaska. Every step taken ahead offers plethora of activities to explore the best in you and the place.

Heart of Alaska

A nature enthusiast, I was bewildered by the spectacular mountain vistas in the Denali National Park and Preserve. The untamed landscapes and wildlife, glaciers and home to North America’s highest mountain, Mt McKinley, the Denali National Park and reserves spellbound me like the other visitors. If you want to experience adrenaline, the reserve offers wide range of climbing opportunities like camping, mountain biking, ice climbing, white water rafting. Nature at its own seems to be working at the Glacier Bay National Park. The nature is busy sculpting the ice berg sliding out of 16 active glaciers; the view is simply wow!!! Adding more jewels to the already studded park is the variety of aquatic life including humpback whales, seals and moose, wild animals like mountain goats and other bird species make this place a true paradise.

Glacier Bay National Park

The trip to Hubbard Glacier left me speechless. Another marvel of wonder is a must stop over to watch. Take up a cruise tour, bundle up yourself in the warmest clothing, and festoon yourself with cameras and binoculars to watch a chunk of ice cracking and falling thunderously from the luminous blue green wall into the ocean. One fact that startled me more that here the reverse of global warming is happening. Instead of melting and lessening of the glaciers worldwide, the Hubbard glacier is growing and advancing, though it is more of mechanical and not natural. Take some ice to enjoy the evening cocktail.

Dog sledding is the most enjoyable things to do in Alaska. For more fun try out your hand on skiing and heli skiing. You will completely love it. Along the coastline you will love watching whales in action. The humpback whales, the gray whales, the beluga whales can be seen along the Alaska Coastline. Enjoy the loud noise and a big splash as the whales come out and go in the ocean.

Dog sledding in Alaska

Travel the White Pass and Yukon Route Railway for an exciting and adventurous trip. Enjoy and appreciate the incredible scenic and historic beauty of Alaska. A Panoramic view including glaciers, gorges, and waterfalls is waiting to be explored. To know about the Alaska’s Aviation industry, visit the Alaska Pioneer Air Museum where you will find 14 planes on display. To look at the ice art carved by professional sculptors visit the Fairbanks Ice Museum. Alaska is in the festive mood always. Whenever you come, you will find festivals going on. Fall Festivals, Summer Festivals, Spring Festivals and autumn festivals all are celebrated with full fervor and gaiety.

Alaska Pioneer Air Museumm

Don’t want to tell you but have to. The visit to El Dorado Gold Mine might make you millionaire and you go home with some dazzling ornaments in your kitty. Yes, it’s true. Alaska’s historic “Gold Rush” period can be experienced at the mines near Fairbanks. Train journey, walking tours and opportunity to pan for gold and take home without paying any money, and even see the fossils of some of the area’s ancient animals can be seen while touring the mines. Though I was not successful in getting gold, but don’t worry I will take the biggest chunk out.

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  1. Steve Barack says:

    To a lover of wilderness Alaska is one of the most beautiful countries in the world!

  2. Abigail Austin says:

    Alaska was a great experience..Be it the people or the activities, my husband and I loved Alaska! We went fishing and hiking,..we visited glaciers..The climate was so AMAZING!We definitely plan to return to this heaven in snow next year too!

  3. Juliett Blake says:

    Juneau was our first stop on the the Alaskan cruise..It is a very big town with so many things to do including shopping especially for travelers..!There are restaurants, fishing, hiking and glacier adventures too! The feel of this place is really good..A must visit!

  4. Vanessa Duvall says:

    Alaska is a vast wilderness of adventure! The weather will completely please your senses..it is wet cold!
    The country of Alaska is queer,very very friendly and really very amazing!

  5. William Humphrey says:

    We had a glacial wedding at Alaska! It was raining all throughout, nevertheless, we did get married!
    We flew around in helicopters, went to trek in the ice..We also go hold of salmon with our bare hands from a creek which ran around the beach..

    There were bears around in force,but they didn’t attack us, the salmon were running though!
    At Alaska, we trailed some beautiful trails in the rainforests.

  6. Daniel Stack says:

    Awesome post! Thanks :-)

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