Halle Tony Garnier

Halle Tony Garnier is among the chief concert venues and exhibition halles in the city of Lyon in France. The Halle Tony Garnier is the third biggest auditorium in France, after the Palais Omnisports de Paris – Bercy as well as the Arena that is up coming in Montpellier. The Halle Tony Garnier have been witness to a whole lot of major acts such as Sting, Mark Knopfler, Aerosmith, Metallica as well as a whole lot of international performers and popular musicians. The Halle was built in the 1909 – 1914 period.

The Halle Tony Garnier is a major structure in Lyon city and akin to an icon for the city. The halle was inaugurated in the year nineteen fourteen as a major structure part of a project finalized as the “industrial city.” Nowadays, the Halle Tony Garnier is used as a location for concert acts, giving performances as well as for holding exhibitions.

The Halle is an extremely versatile venue, both because of its size as also for the fact that it has no pillars in the seventeen thousand sq m space that it encompasses. The fact that there are no pillars makes for excellent convenience with respect to adjusting the hall for any purpose. There have been major concerts held here, as well as symposiums, business exhibitions, conventions and so on. The versatile nature of the Halle is a definite advantage, and the concert halle is extremely in demand.

The Halle Tony Garnier is also a significant architectural wonder. The architect, Tony garnier, who the Halle is named after, got inspiration from the metallic genre of architecture that became famous in the end of the nineteenth century, which made major use of glass and steel. The halle too is designed with excellent utilization of glass and metal. The entire building is in concrete, with a steel skeleton or frame that gives it support, and the roof is entirely in glass, which lets in ample light.

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