Greenland Cuisine in travels

Greenland is a special and a unique place to be in, and provides one with the facility of enjoying a different kind of land. Have the best of cuisine here and also experience the ideal culinary delights here in this part of the world.

Meat from marine mammals, birds, game and fish have been the main ingredients in the food in the Greenland for years together. The high content of meat in the diet is what provides you nourishment and energy. Here the harsh winter in the Arctic provides you with the best sources of energy.

The culinary culture here in Greenland is very much closely related to the hunting community. Here the main necessities used to be dependent on the catch that they have got for the day. So visit the best cuisine pleasures in Greenland and fill your travel kitty with the best dishes from this part of the world.

Greenland cuisine in travels

Taste the Greenland cuisine and enjoy the menus here and also the best ingredients which constitute the food here. Try out the recipes for the summer casseroles in which the Greenland halibut is the main course. Also have a berry and an apple with desert as a fine topping. Many prefer to finish it off with a Greenland style coffee.

It is a great culinary experience to have food from Greenland and the main ingredients are organic. There is in fact in Greenland a tour of food and food related activities. “A Taste of Greenland” is a food tour or a gastronomic trip on television, which introduces the visitor to the special diversity and the unique richness which is special to this place.

Traditional food in Greenland is made up of the seasonal ingredients which are coked in a very simple manner. There is a special dish here called “suaasat” which is a soup dish. This is mainly made up of bird, fish or meat from reindeer, whale or seal. The soup is very rich and also nourishing. There are no spices in it only pepper and salt. They actually give the finishing taste to these soups. The soup is a very popular dish here in Greenland. In fact it is very testy and as in Greenland they say ” Tassa Mamaq” which mans “It tastes good”.

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Dried cod is also a very popular snack here in Greenland and it is normally accompanied by whale blubber. This is a very popular snack for all and a preferred lunch too. Then there is “ammassat” which is a small herring like fish and is called capelin. Then there is reindeer meet and also whale¬† skin with blubber. This is called mattak. This is a very popular delicacy and very much liked by the locals. Crowberries are also very popular dish here . Blue berries are also very popular in Greenland. They are a major part of Greenland food and are a part of the cakes and the desserts here.

One thing very peculiar to Greenland is that it is served in the fells under the clear blue sky. This is in fact the way they eat the food here. Freshly caught cod is normally cooked in a fire and then eaten out of a flat stone. This is a great dish and is a hot favourite of not only the tourists but also the locals here. There are many families here who prefer to eat outside. So this is one way of enjoying the food here.

Thus the Greenland  cuisine which mainly is made up of fish, wild game and whale is a great way of enjoying travels here. Produce here is not very evident so the best ways to get food is through a wild game. Typical entrees here are made of local dried cod, dried seal and cubes of whale skin. Small towns do not have any restaurants and faces but the major towns have some good restaurants. Self catering is a common way of eating food here. So you would find many opportunities to really buy sea birds and fresh fish make your own food. There are shops and supermarkets here which have a great selection of fish and meat. There is a Braedtet which is the market place for fishermen and hunters. So travellers love to choose the ducks, the geese, the arctic har and the sea birds . Also the red fish, wolf fish add to the collection of game for food.

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Thus Greenland cuisine is a must in travels to this part of the world.

Learn all about Greenland cuisine in travels to this part of the world.

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