Grandeur Legendary Marvels In Egypt – Part III

Pyramids of Giza:

This captivating ancient architecture has lived up more than 4000 years, and still possesses an extraordinary and distinct charm which makes it stands out in the whole Egypt. The Pyramids of Giza is the lone survivor of ancient Seven Wonders of the World. This legendary monument possesses a phenomenal shape and perfect geometry that altogether bestows it with an extraterrestrial construction. The exceptional appearance strikes a question in mind that, how and why were this monuments built?

Research spanning centuries have showed that these gigantic tombs were built by thousands of strong workers under the order of pharaohs. The discovery of builders’ settlement equipped with vast amenities for large-scale production and medical facilities prop this proposition. Enduring research has excavated fragments of facts that the builders which were considered to be the slaves of Hollywood tradition were actually workforce of self-sufficient and robust set of Egyptian farmers.

Pyramids of Giza

With the deluge of annual Nile floods on farms, spilling water on their persevere endeavors of farming over the inundated lands, they might have been re-deployed for building the pharaoh’s tombs. Perhaps, this might have sparked the idea of creating mass employment by the then administration with the flood waters making it swift for transporting stone to the particular site.


Golden excursion in the economical ocean side camps, sandy beaches and lovely backdrop of craggy mountains grip the senses of tourists for exploring its ecstatic scenic beauty. ‘Dahab’ meaning gold in Arab emulates its shimmering name and affords golden coastline for welcoming tourists. This destination has something for everyone; it parallels everyone’s needs alike. In the last few years, Dahab has developed ahead of its gentle nature and opens up candidly with a free-spirited pleasantness and resort sophistication. Dahab flaunts a splendid blend of humble foundation with a contemporary spice of chic restaurants, classy boutique hotels, and European itinerant. Banana pancakes, enthusiastic tourists synchronize with cool hipsters, fun lovers.

dahab beach

Dahab is filled with odds and ends as it affords across-the-board activities ranging from snorkeling, diving and trekking. For marking memorable moments, stroll ahead, take a jeep ride or camel ride to view Red Sea’s spectacular dive sites. Catch a small boat ride for grabbing views of the top-notch reefs in nearby Ras Mohammad National Park. Principally, Bedouin enclave concentrated in its core, Dahab is the preferential hub for guided tours to the inner deserts and hiking in the snooty highs of Mt. Sinai.

Predominantly, Dahab continues to be an entity and spectacular tourist town in whole of Egypt. Take a soothing walk down the lined boardwalk in the beachfront area of Assalah, relish the costly meals put forward by persevering restaurateurs. Truly, Dahab is a serene ocean-side retreat covered by relentless heat of the desert. But I may inform you, after you indulge in mind-boggling retreats like transparent diving, desert trekking, chilling walks besides the ocean, naïve sheesha sessions, you will surely not want to leave this refuge.

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