Grandeur Legendary Marvels In Egypt – Part II

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Past arrival, the most striking thing that will hit you is the inundation of crowds, which is mind-boggling. Observing the clutter, the very first things that will be in your tongue tip are Cairo’s noisy walls, jammed-up traffic, uproar of hawkers, fogs of pollution. Soak in the vivacious metropolitan life of Cairo. Renowned as ‘Um ad- Dunya’- Mother of the World, Cairo is a contemporary city that has blanketed its rich historical background with the sheet of recent growth.

View the historic treasures down to Islamic Cairo which will take you for a visit to the past medieval ages. Move towards the west and observe the majestic pyramids of Giza that is standing firmly from over 4000 years. Step in Cairo’s Museum which lets you peek an array of Egypt’s ancient antiques. However, the real fun of Cairo lies in serene moments of sipping sweet shai or puffing on a sheesha while gazing Cairo running.

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Alexandria is an entity of its own kind; it throws its charm in the form of belle époque buildings, grand squares, coffee and French pastries. Located around calm settings of bays, Alexandria is an enthralling spot as it is coming in the limelight for divulging sunken treasure. Basically, Alexandria is a tranquil location and free from outside influences. Those who are seeking break from rushing life, step in the tranquil land of Alexandria.

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Luxor presents an interesting contrasting image which is a fusion of unusual provincial town and striking ancient magnificence. This ancient capital of New Kingdom stands around the legendary 4000-year old Thebes. Luxor is an exceptional spot with a mind-blowing collection of monuments that is something irregular and alluring from the normal life.


Located to the acute south, Aswan is perched perfectly on the banks of the beautiful and longest river of the world, Nile. This spectacular city is embellished with palm-skirted islands and flotillas of white sailed feluccas. This town however is distinct from the North as African culture is apparent in its Nubian people, a different ethnic group with their own customs and language.

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Dakhla Oasis:

Dakhla Oasis shelters two tiny towns, one is Mut and another is Al-Qasr. Mut is the larger one which provides lots of hotels. Also, the tourist office is located on Mut’s main road. On the other hand, Al-Qasr is an enchanting spot with about 600 hot springs and an impressive mud brick citadel. Make a visit to the small Ethnographic Museum and explore more about this spot. To explore the region, step in the streets, don’t worry of getting lost as aged peoples assist you through citadel’s narrow alleyways, madrassas, houses and mosques in return of baksheesh. Grab things like basketry and ratish straw hats with ribbon trim which is worn by indigenous farmers from the local traders who sit outside the citadel.

Grandeur Legendary Marvels In Egypt – Part I

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