Grace Bay Beach: Jewel of Turks and Caicos

Consider routing on the off the beaten path leading to the Grace Bay Beach if you want to explore something surprising and also wish to escape the bustling tourist destinations in Turks and Caicos. This beach is uniquely intriguing in the sense that it very peaceful and serene as compared to the other beaches here. Nestled on the northeast shore of this famous island, this is a 12-mile beach on the northeast coast exhilarates one and all with its shimmering waters light blue waters as well as pristine white sands.

There is no doubt that the Grace Bay Beach is among the best Caribbean beaches where you can easily spot an isolated spot as well as lounge because of its stretching length. I agree that there are more secluded beaches on this island, but this might be your choice due to its unique combination of personality, natural setting, and cool ambience. The most vital aspects of this beach are its sunny setting, tranquil location, and relaxing atmosphere. At this beach, you will not only enjoy reclining or sunbathing here, but will get a chance to enjoy an adventurous holiday via its myriad of water sports. So, expect parasailing, windsurfing, diving, and snorkeling; which are easily performed along the shore. Despite the fact that there are no public facilities here, you can still expect multiple spas, quality restaurants, and affordable hotels. In fact, the Grace Bay Beach is the abode of a few best-rated hotels on this planet catering to the beachgoers. This is true that the glistening blues as well as the soft whites make up for an ideal backdrop for relaxing pampering.

The total number of folks here varies as per the day of the week and time of the year. This is why you will find that a few of the Turks and Caicos’ beaches are very packed, particularly if it is the time of peak tourist season. So, one of the vital factors that you would consider while coming here is the density. However, on this beach, no matter how many people are there, you will surely find your own secluded place of relaxing in tranquil ambience.


You can explore many attractions here. Start your day with the churches here whose architectures are just awesome. Look for the Jericho Baptist Church, Catholic Church, the Pentecostal Baptist Church, Faith Tabernacle Church, the Anglican Church, and 7th Day Adventist Church all in southwest. Then, at the 1.5 miles in the beach’s southwest, the Princess Alexandra National Marine Park is worth exploring for its protected snorkeling and Atlantic Bottlenose dolphin named Jojo – species that rarely interact! Go to the National Park Office situated at 5 miles offering a Wild Life Sanctuary and a Zoo. At 2.7 miles is the Caicos Conch Farm, while the historical site named the Cheshire Hall is at 5 miles away.

For some great snorkeling, explore the White house that is actually the site of the living coral reef attracting horde of tourists. For more adventurous, planning of the spot can be done for a little offshore spot flanked by barrier brief. This trip is possible via a boat. Snorkeling is not to be missed as below the azure sea, you will be amazed to see the wonderful marine life – fish, turtles, and corals. The Malcolm’s Road Beach is just lovely for its immaculate beach as well a marine life attracting swimmers and snorkelers. Diving is incredible at the Blue Hills Dive Spot that is actually at 6 miles off the Grace Bay Beach.

If you have finished exploring this beach, there are many other beaches nearby. These are Sapodilla Bay Beach at a distance of 7.8 miles on Providenciales’ southwest shore perfect for swimming with kids and yachts due to its shallow waters and soft white sands and Long Bay Beach at 2.0 miles in the southeast.

Restaurants nearby

  • Terrace Restaurant for Caribbean cuisine
  • Jasmine for Asian flavors (only dinner)
  • Baci Ristorante for Italian meals


  • Sands At Grace Bay – From $285
  • Ocean Club West – From $289
  • The Tuscany on Grace Bay – From $800

Best time to visit

The beach is so pleasant that is can be visited throughout the year.


From Miami, the Turks and Caicos Island is at a distance of 575 miles. The beach is in its province of Providentiales also called Provo and it very well reachable from the Turtle Cove.

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