Going Hedonist in the Honduras

Honduras is gaining all the limelight as a perfect destination to unwind for travel lovers all across the globe. Especially high up on the agenda of those turning to the concept of ecotourism or looking for some water adventure; there can be very few places can live up to the generous offerings of the Honduras. Emerging as one of the leading hot-spots, this Central American country is only going to grow bigger and bigger on the map of commercial tourism.

With the gamut of adventure the place has to offer ranging from hiking through the rainforests, biking in the mountains or even extremely pulsating and adrenaline gushing sports like river water rafting, every traveler coming in will find something or the other for himself. Trips to the Honduras will most definitely either revolve around the mythical ruins of the Mayan in the Copan or most likely the typical Caribbean style vacations upholding the pleasures of the sun-sand-surf at the top.

Honduras white water rafting

The traveler who prefers a generous dash of adventure to turn their vacation into an exciting one must most certainly focus on the guided tours that are conducted in La Ceiba. The National Parks and Natural Reserves are surely going to be a getaway one has always yearned for. The rainforests found here favorable for many activities that will fill your vacation with much excitement and exuberance.

Not only the adventure lusty souls, but even those who like a bit of nostalgia going in their holiday mood, will be happy at Honduras. Quaint towns including the Santa Rosa de Copan boast imperial buildings and structures which withstand the test of time to wrap the visitor in the timeless charm only true to Honduras.

The heart of all tourist places in all the Honduras is the Island of Roatan which is also the biggest in all the bay islands. Emerging as an unparalleled abode of beauty, a lot of cruises sailing to the Caribbean islands halt here, as this place is gaining its due importance as one of the leading travel destinations.

Island of Roatan

Not only the island of Roatan, but also Guanaja, Utila are absolutely picturesque owing to the coral reefs that personify the charm of these islands, and the many vibrant fish found in the waters make it a perfect spot for snorkeling activities. There is so much more to discover while in Honduras as there are a number of cities – each offering something unique to the visitors.

Guanaja coral reef

City of La Ceiba Honduras:

The city of La Ceiba is not only the third biggest city in all the Central American cities put together, but also pulsates each and everyone coming here by enthralling them in the carnival spirit. The spirit of the carnival is simply contagious and it is difficult to stay out of vibrant fervor. With picture perfect sceneries abounding the glory of La Ceiba, the city is adorned in the Latin vibe with exciting music playing in every nook of the town. A lot of tourists flock the place which makes meeting people from different origins a real pleasure along with the friendly locals, who contribute towards making your vacation all so memorable.

La Ceiba Honduras carnival

Mostly soaked in the party vibe during all throughout the year, however the city is most vibrant and colorful either at the time of the La Ceiba carnival or alternatively at weekend time of La Feris de San Isidro. Those planning a visit must try to fit their vacation agenda in mid of May, as that is the time when the carnival takes place. The live music and the whole city lit up in a fervor and exuberance is just terrific.

La Ceiba is also a good connecting point to other tourist centric destination. With just a drive away to the Mosquito Coast, other islands can be reached by means of flight. Since La Ceiba is abuzz with so many hotels and resorts, a lot of travelers prefer to base their holiday at this destination.

City of San Pedro Sula Honduras:

San Pedro Sula is most aptly the commerce capital of the Honduras. A bit of an urban charm going here, one can unleash their shopping spirit and indulge in some buying activity. A perfect place from where you can buy cultural artifacts and reminisce your vacation for a long time to come, the best place for these traditional gift items shopping is the Mercado de Artesanias Guamalito and even the market place of Casa del Sol. Apart from the tradition market affairs, the leading yet cheap malls that are to be found here can also be tried. The Metroplaza and the City Malls are where one can find price tags to be lower than all other malls across America.

San Pedro Sula Honduras

Apart from shopping affairs, the city of San Pedro Sula Honduras is also greatly famous for its architectural trends. Over here, the most definite visits must include the places like Museum of Archeology and History which puts light on the saga of San Pedro right since the pre-Columbian eras and there’s also the very famous cathedral which is a perfect model of the Central American Park.

The nightlife culture is electrifying in this city, however it is advised to travel only by private vehicle or hire cabs in the night as the city is also under the threat of many gangs which attributes the dismaying fact of San Pedro being the city with the greatest rate of HIV.

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  1. Rafael Trudd says:

    We(my wife and me and our teenage son) visited Honduras on a whim not knowing exactly what to expect..We had a terrific time here.! Our tour guide picked us up from our hotel and took us to see the Mayan ruins in Copan. I f you crave for jungle expedition look no further..A must do while in San Pedro Sula are these tours..Though I am not a huge fan of tours , I’ll recommend you to arrange a tour guide…I was extremely happy to arrange my trip..I strongly recommend it.. A must do while in San Pedro Sula..

  2. Doss Rudd says:

    I found the Cusuco National Park a stunning place to tour around..Our guide was smart so we got to see a lot in a short amount of time! Its worthwhile making a trip to Honduras if you aren’t going that way!

  3. Rosemary Jones says:

    My trip to the Honduras was really an unforgettable experience…The views are spectacular..The friendly and experienced staff make your stay all the more enjoyable…The rappelling next to the 30 meter high waterfall was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had..Would recommend this to anyone visiting San Pedro Sula with a day or two to spare..
    Bon Voyage! :-)

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    Enjoyed surfing through your site!

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    Honduras is an awesome place!
    Fabulous post!

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