Go wild Stay wilder in Kerala tourism

While in god’s own country do make it a point to enjoy the unmatchable environment here. The climate with the lovely forests enclosing the place definitely comprises the best kind of wild units and the ecological boost that one gets seeing the flora and fauna here is incomparable. With the rarest of species found here, and the plantations surpassing ones’ imagination, Kerala tourism offers you the best of wildlife in this state in the southern part of India.

Kerala tourism showcases the wildlife here that is confined not only to the parks and sanctuaries but also across the stare. The pleasure of seeing the wildlife here rests in finding the rarest variety of animals and birds found here. So you don’t really have to delve deep into the jungle to find the wildlife here. Just walk though the greenery and you would be rewarded with unfounded wild natural surroundings.

Kerala wildlife

With the Atlas Moth, Malabar Giant Squirrel, the Nilgiri Tahrs, and the jungle cats dominating the region, you could also find the langurs, spotted tortoises, barking deer, gaurs, pangolins, and the common tigers, elephants and the rare species of the skunks, varanur pond terrapins, the geckoes, the vine snakes and the spectacled cobras. Amongst the birds you could find the peafowl, jungle blabbers, the night herons, the crow pheasants, the Siberian duck and many more. With around 253 species living here you can imagine what you could get here.

Malabar Giant Squirrel Barking deer

The Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the famous sanctuaries here and it is a the place where the rain shadow region of the Western Ghats lie. You would find the scrub forest here interesting and the animals like the Grizzled squirrel here living along with the gaur, panther, hanuman langurs, spotted deer, rabbit etc. The marayoor sandal is found here and the lovely waterfalls of the Thoovanam are also an attraction in Kerala tourism here.

Hanuman langurs Thoovanam waterfalls

Who wouldn’t know of the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala tourism. This is the place where the River UUllaperiyar has an extensive marine ecosystem. The innumerable water systems here have some of the best aquatic kind of living beings. So take a cruise in this area and enjoy the wildlife here. There is a lot of variety of plants also that is found here. You would find the sloth bear, the lion tailed macaque, the sambar, wild boar, the black necked storks and many many more wild animals here.

Wild boar Black necked storks

Then go to the Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary which is the place where you can see species of the wild category at any given point of time. The plantation here is predominantly with evergreen forests and the height of around 1000 m surely makes it a good wildlife zone coupled with travel experience. Kerala tourism takes you around this portion of the state and you would be completely enthralled by the absolute sights of the wild dogs, the cormorant, darter, egrets, the king cobra and many more. With the best variety of butterflies also found here this is the land of exotic wildlife.

The cormorant

So while in Kerala tourism do enjoy the wildlife areas here which are in plenty.

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