Go Green with the Savannah

So you decide to take a break and get into the pristine locales of greenery. You scour the Internet and try deciding which is the best way to make your trip constructive from all fronts. Being a very aware citizen you also don’t want to damage environment further. So you decide to indulge in some ecotourism. Eco tourism is a way of visiting place and getting  yourself more aware of the ecological balance in the world.

Of the many places in the world, Trinidad and Tobago comes across as a great place for eco tourism. Just lying around 10 miles from Venezuela, this beautiful region has the best kind of flora and fauna and is said to have been a part of Venezuela but got separated some 11,000 years back. This offshoot of the Ice Age is a beautiful region of mountain ranges and hills with rich alluvial soil dominating the region. The Trinidad island has three mountain ranges – The Central, Northern and the Southern Hills. They are headed west and have the EL Cerro del Aripo as the highest peak. At a height of around 3000 feet, the place is made of quartzite, phylite and limestone. Here the soil quality is not very good and the vegetation is predominantly rainforests and woodlands of elfin. There are some plains having alluvial soil and the savannah belts are found here in plenty. The Caroni floodplains are also a main feature here.

Trinidad and Tobago

Deciduous forests are found in the southern plains and they border the coastline. The hills are filled with two swamps – The Caroni Swamp and the Nariva Swamp. The Caroni lies in the western side ,the Nariva Swamp lies in the east and the Los Blanquizales Swamp in the south west.

Nariva Swamp

While Trinidad is famous for this, Tobago has the reefs bordering the island and the water here is a beautiful blue green. The ranges here are from north to east and also from south to west. The Pigeon Peak here is a beautiful high locale and is the highest peak point. At an altitude of 1800 feet, a visit here certainly leaves you spell bound. There are lot of islets on the eastern portion of Tobago, and deciduous forests dominate the region mostly. The vegetation here is scrub and xerophytic and limestone is the main rock here. While you take a tour of this place you would be taken to the Pigeon Peak Reserve which is a haven for birds and is existing since 1765.

Pigeon peak at Tobago

Eco tourism here is beautiful with the varied habitats and species found here and is a perfect entry for the ecological balance in this part of South America.

Trinidad and Tobago have a seasonal climate and the flora and fauna thrive according to the climate here.

Flora and fauna at Trinidad and Tobago

With this kind of variety of animals, birds and trees, Trinidad and Tobago form a perfect place for eco tourism. With the myriad variety around, you certainly wouldn’t want to miss this pristine virgin spot tucked away in this part of the world.

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