Glance Of Impeccable Marvel Stupa- Famen China

Reaching this destination, I was ambiguous and my feet were placed in two different worlds, I was confused as I had landed in heaven or whether I was dreaming of fantasies. As my eyes perceived a scenic view of virtual ecstasy, I was left awe-spelled beholding the sight of the massive marvelous creation. When I was a mile away, I could clearly observe the image of the Buddha shrine and left formidable whether I was going to be blessed or daunted.

Striding ahead, I could view the magnificent ‘Palms Together (Heshi) Dagoba’ that exhibits an image of two palms joined together as for a prayer. This shrine is also the part which is to be revamped to become China’s most famous Buddhist shrine. It is a colossal 500 feet high creation that just overshadows the whole surroundings and is flanked with grandeur Buddhist descriptions. It manifests a soothing legendary 2500-year old culture and history of the Chinese Buddhism. The holy ‘Palms together’ structure is built to immolate the Buddha’s finger-bone sarira. Also the 1, 00, 000 location is left for the monks and lay man for the purpose of worshipping.

Heading your steps ahead over the holy topes is an elongated track taking you to half a mile away. The “Golden Bodhisattvas” sitting calmly fringes both the sides of the walkway. Both of these majestic structures arouses sense of adoration and veneration and as one proceeds ahead, one feels as if he is walking towards the path of enlightenment as did Gautama Buddha. This grand imposing ritual shrine sanctifies the human being, with holy messages carved on the impressive structures. One message conveys “the sufferings and pain that one bears is not essentially always the fruit of karma” which reaches to the heart and touches one’s soul.

When I was walking with the crowd, I was feeling that I had come here with little or no knowledge of this religion and as if I was a total foreigner to this reverential spot. Still, the place is so pure and hallowed that it fills one’s mind with lots of ritualistic knowledge. As I strolled the path ahead, I felt that I am on the way towards of spiritualistic ‘Nirvana,’ seeing the carvings which represented the Chinese history and culture.

The imposing stupas sit as the Gods are immersed in deep meditation. Stupas also called as ‘Dagobas’ are ancient Buddhist sculptures that transmit holy remnants across the past time. They are legendary structures and they convey ancient teachings of the heydays. They are basically very old embankments. ‘Palms Together Dagoba’ has a very practical and futuristic look and thgerefopre it seems to be one, but the truth behind that it too is an ancient antique structure. Not only this, it has authentic sacred finger bone of the founder of Buddhism i.e. Siddhartha Gautama. This remnant has been secured from that reign and has been consecrated at a chamber in the ‘Palms Together Dagoba.’ It was essentially built to enshrine and shield the finger of the religious founder Buddha.

Famen Temple:

The original Famen Temple is located very closeby and it is the legendary place where the finger-bone remains was secluded for safely preserving it. In the middle of the temple, stands a large stone ‘pagoda’ and do you know that this ancient structure has actually been re-erected after it dilapidated. As the pilgrimages pay their respect and homage to the Buddhist structures, the plain monks gaze them dressed in simple attire.

Getting there:

To travel this place, I left from the chief city of China, Xi’an. From the train station, I boarded a bus and went across 70 miles towards the west side for the legendary Famen Temple. This holy antique temple is believed to be standing from past 1500 years. This year there has been a slight renovation to the temple’s structure and also a new feature has been added to this temple which is going to be unmasked this year itself. When you are visiting this pilgrim, don’t try to capture photographs as it’s not allowed and if any monks catch you, they may scream at you, as the case took place with me.

Visiting the revered spot:

After touring to the pilgrim spots, I headed forward passing by the temple gates and landed in local town, I gelled with the indigenous crowd that clustered the market place. The market area is populated with huge crowds, also the market offers with cheap and naïve food. Some vendors were selling chunks of giant cake by cutting its slices. But as the area is densely compact with loads of local crowd, you will find it difficult to be seated, but don’t worry, you get to sit over the small stools and have your meals on foldable tables.

Therefore, during the lunch time, I preferred an unoccupied hotel where I paid for costly meal, although the same was available at frugal prices out in the market area. Here, I ate the leafiest green vegetables, you know I desired to savor the local dishes and therefore the restaurant’s owner recommended me so.

famen buddha famen hands famen outdoor buddha

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