Get “folked” in North India tours

North India is a land of folk arts and crafts. Anybody who comes here would know this. This land of Jammu Kashmir, Uttaranchal and Rajashtan, is the ideal place to go for a folk tour if you want to see the best of Indian crafts and works. These tours completely highlight the rich Indian heritage and their cultural background. Giving a perfect blend of beauty and picturesque value, the diverse style of the cultural hues is what gives the North India tours a great value and importance.

The Jammu and Kashmir folk music is the highlight of folk tours in this part of the county. The dances here always represent some kind of seasonal celebration be it sowing of crops or harvesting or weddings or a birth or death. The Mask Dance is very famous here and is quite popular and famous. It is performed by the Lamas in the Hemis Monastery during the Hemis festival. The weddings here are celebrated with the Hafiza dance and the Bacha Nagma Dance is for the harvest season.

The Mask Dance The Mask Dance

Rajasthan the land of sand and dances and folk arts is the best place to go to if you want to delve into the culture of India. With the best kind of miniature paintings and the ideal kinds of handicrafts and music, this is the place to go to if you want to have the best of Indian culture. Many paintings depicting the Rajasthan heritage are found in the cities of Marwar, Jaipur, Kota and Bikaner in their museums.

Besides you could also take North India tours to Uttaranchal and get blessed with the variety of culture here. This is the state which would introduce you to the rich heritage of North India. With the best kind of paintings in the museums, the Mughal culture is prevalent in the museums found in the cities in Uttaranchal.

With the best kind of melody and the greatest kind of dances the handicrafts and the exquisite colours of Rajasthan is what makes North India folk tours here very interesting. With the dances suiting most of the occasions, and a kind of jamboree ambience all the time, this state showcases the best of Indian folklore and folk background. There are animal fairs and seasonal fairs too which give the artisans a chance to exhibit their talent. Puppeteers and pottery workers ensure that you remain entertained all through the year.

Rajasthani Handicrafts Rajasthani Handicrafts

Textile craft is also not left far behind. Every Rajasthan city has special features which take you around the state with a lot of gusto and enthusiasm that is enviable. Thus the State of Rajasthan is not only known for its desert dunes and camels but also for its rich traditional folk arts. There is the Gair and the raika and the gauri and ghoomar which make the dances of Rajasthan so popular. The kalbeila and the jhoria are other dance forms of Rajasthan which are quite famous. Dances are for births, festivals and weddings and also other auspicious occasions.


There are the best palaces and buildings in Rajasthan, which reflect the best kind of architecture and magnificent monuments. All these handicrafts and crafts are displayed in all the fairs in this state.

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