Get adventurous in River Subansiri

Come and experience the pleasures in the Gold River or the Subansiri, which is the biggest tributary of the Upper Brahmaputra and which comes down the lovely green zones in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. Come here and enjoy the sights of the way this river flows here. Draining the waters beyond the regions of the Great Himalayas and extending to Tsona Dzong, this is a mighty river flowing up to Tibet and passes the Eastern Himalayas. With a run of around 170 km in the Tibet region, and around 250 km in the Eastern Himalayas, this is a lovely water body flowing around 86 km in the state of Assam and then it joins the river Brahmaputra at Majuli which is incidentally the largest river island that is inhabited in the entire world. With no link to the other side of the Great Himalayas, this is a lovely region it traverses with the best terrain and the most ideal river delights. With breathtaking scenes and the most awe inspiring visual delights, Arunachal Pradesh welcomes this river with open arms and encourages all tourists to come here and enjoy the pleasures of river rafting on this river.

River Subansiri river rafting

The river rafting schedule normally starts from Dibrugarh where you would stay in a hotel. Then the following day you  be will taken to Boghiwheel Ghat and take a ferry boat and cross the River Brahmaputra and reach a place called Dumproijo. Stay overnight here and on the third day you would drive down to Nacho.

At Nacho you would enjoy the beautiful sights and stay over and proceed the next morning that is on the fifth day by raft to the So Nala and cruise down till you reach the Tahila Camp.

On the sixth dy you can visit  the Sippi village on the sixth day and here, the absolutely fascinating gorge with the lovely rapids would encourage you to have a nice camp here at Cozy Nook.

On the seventh day you can cover lot more rapids and go past the region of Daporijjo and then go through the wilderness. The camp here amidst the wilderness is exciting and totally adventurous. Come here and enjoy the experience.

Then on the eight day you would again encounter a magnificent gorge where you would raft down till you reach the junction where the River Kamla and the river Subansiri meet. Here the total volume of the river increases and also increases the excitement in the river rafting experience. You can camp here at the confluence and enjoy the pleasures of the best forms of nature here. Tents can be put and this camping experience is one beyond description.

River Kamla

On the ninth day you can paddle the 38 km distance to the North Lakhimpur Bridge Camp.

From here you can drive to Boghiwheel Ghat, and then cross over to Dibrugarh again by a ferry boat.

The river rafting experience in this route is filled with lot of rapids, adventure and excitement galore.

Thus the Subansiri River Rafting Pleasure is one of those experiences that helps you to feel closer to Mother Nature and gives the greatest rafting pleasures. Subansiri, the biggest tributary of the river Brahmaputra is a swift river providing ideal kayaking pleasures and is a one of a kind experience. With the rocky terrain, this vertical rock surface here around the river gives the whole region a great rugged look. The adventurer in you would be kindled, and you would feel ecstatic in this land of challenging rapids and ideal serene travel pleasures. The simplicity and the serene nature of the area around Subansiri is what makes it a great experience for any tourist coming to this part of the world.

Come to the Subansiri river rafting region,and get the maximum pleasures out of this unique tourist destination.

Subansiri river rafting

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