The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos archipelago is a little world within itself. Inspired from the bounties of nature, let Charles Darwin come upon with his theory of evolution and let the world explore this unexplored paradise. A group of thirteen islands and six islets, human movement is restricted here to maintain the fragile ecosystem balance. Also declared as UNESCO’s world heritage site in 1978, a visit for every nature lover is must. All visitors here are accompanied with park certified naturalist guide. What you will see a world blossoming naturally with wide variety of flora and fauna and nature at its best.

Galapagos islands travel

Of the thirteen Islands, San Cristobal Island is the biggest. You will never want to take off your eyes from viewing the dramatic volcanic sights, watching frigate birds, sea lions, giant tortoises, marine iguanas, dolphins among others. Don’t miss out the El Junco Lake where apart from watching beautiful endemic birds you can also enjoy surfing. The second largest island Santa Cruz is home to the Galapagos National Park and Charles Darwin research centre. A giant tortoise breeding program is also running here to keep the jewel of the Galapagos Island, the Galapagos tortoise alive. Also visit this island for incredible bird watching and outstanding flora. Moving onto the next Island, Isabela is world famous for impressive lava flows from volcanic eruptions that took place several years ago. The main attraction is a small compound of small brackish lagoons which are home to Flamingos. The main town Puerto Villamil lets you enjoy spectacular view of Alcedo, Sierra Negra and Cerro Azul Volcanoes.

Marine Iguanas

The one island which is loved the most by the visitors is the Santa Maria Island. The location of Champion and Devil’s crown has beautiful coral formations suitable for snorkelling. A small islet La Loberia is a great place to watch the sea lions. Genovesa Island boasts of High concentration of birds and also lets you enjoy good snorkelling along the amazing cliff sides. The beach runs would love coming to the Rabida Island where the red sand beaches and saltwater lagoon will be welcoming you along with natural beauty. One of the most eye catching of the Galapagos tourist attractions is the Espanola Island where coral white sand beaches with tranquil turquoise waters will be just perfect for swimming and snorkelling. The site Punta Suarez where you can walk on lava rocks and also enjoy watching nests of blue footed boobies and Nazca boobies will be mesmerizing.

Santa Maria Island

Those who are adrenaline junkies will not be disappointed as it is the premier scuba spots of the world. Riding enthusiasts will also find some fun restored for them at the Galapagos Islands. One can enjoy a memorable horseback ride along paths on the hillsides of Santa Cruz with spectacular scenery and unique wildlife all around. Take the whale watching tour and feel up close to the sleek whale weighing thousands of pounds enjoying like a child in its natural habitat.

Santa Cruz horseback ride

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  1. Francois Rochefaucauld says:

    I had a trip of my lifetime at Galapagos Islands..I was on a small ship and had a very pleasant experience here..In Galapagos you get to see the islands and also some wildlife like turtles, lizards and sea lions..They were just amazing!

    We saw a sea lion give birth to its offspring and also saw tortoises which were more than 100 years old! It is a pricey destination but definitely worth all your money!
    I will surely return to this place again! :-)

  2. Tahila Thomas says:

    I’ve stayed at Galapagos islands for three years and have discovered the ELIXIR of staying in such an AMAZING and PEACEFUL place that it is!
    The Galapagos islands are made up of over 100 islands and they are near the equatorial belt. That is the reason why the wildlife and landscapes are so different and unique from each island to island.

    Galapagos is the only place with a sea where you can swim with penguins and equatorial fishes!! You’ll feel lucky when you see those giant tortoises in the jungles!
    These islands have rare species of reptiles which seem to have cropped up right out of miniature Jurrasic Park!!
    It feels great to be in the middle of the Pacific and get to see such sights!!

  3. Langie Giuliani says:

    Galapagos islands give you the most unique travel experience..It’s ENTICING, NON-TOURISTY, and SECLUDED!!
    My husband and I enjoyed scuba-diving, bird-watching and seeing so many EXOTIC creatures..The giant tortoises were a DELIGHTFUL watch! After all this is the place where DARWIN’S THEORY OF EVOLUTION took birth!!

  4. Tina Makeba says:

    The Galapagos islands are ONE-OF-A-KIND! They are an evidence to how endowed nature is..Ther are many wild animals here and it is common interacting with them, no point being fearful..! To visit these islands by boat is the bets way to explore the biodiversity of this place..Each creature is unique and you’ll find them no where else on Earth! A visit here will change your life!

  5. Lynne Sachs says:

    I been to Africa and seen many different species and wildlife..But no where else have I seen something like what I got to see at Galapagos. For an adventure traveler a 7 night haul is a must here and no less.. In safari, you can see the wild animals from the safari, but here you literally have to jump over them to get past the other one! WHAT FUN!! :-) You wouldn’t want to miss even a single UNIQUE experience here!

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