Fort Lauderdale: Come and enjoy the beach

Miraculous attractions in cities could be found at Florida as travel destinations, out of them, Fort Lauderdale City is the most beautiful and noteworthy place that becomes a hot destination to every tourist may be in the country or in the world. The Fort Lauderdale, United States is popularly known as the Venice of America. Though there is a European Venice as well, which offers history and monuments, Fort Lauderdale is a well-known tourist destination that offers waterways and miles of golden beaches. Today, the Fort Lauderdale Beach has been renovated with $26 million. Fort Lauderdale hotelDue to this, you can eat lunch at cafes, or visit some shops along the beach.

After listening about this beach a month before, I agreed few friends to visit the beach in a group. My friends were already reserved rooms in Fort Lauderdale hotel and gathered all necessary information about the city so that we could be able to explore them properly. When we reached to the city, the superb skyline and blue sea was welcoming us with pleasant views of the city. Well, Fort Lauderdale is well known for its beaches and boats so we planned to first see and have fun at the water of this city. Tourists love to visit this site and when we entered the beach, we saw vast amount of tourists thronged from other cities and countries as well.

Tourists was simply enjoying the soft sand, making themselves feel comfortable at the site, and enjoy its tropical climate. As we went to this site first time, we planned to explore and enjoy as much attractions as possible. We first went to our rooms to get fresh and by the time take rest as well. The rooms were nice and the amenities were also provided very well in the room. As it was afternoon, we first had meal at a restaurant of the same hotel. What became easier was that the hotel was on the beachfront, giving us wonderful views from the windows of our rooms. After having a little of lunch we walked towardsFort Lauderdale Florida tourism the beach and took some amazing pictures of this breathtaking sights.

It was a splendid surprise for all of us, as this blue sea gives awesome views to every people who come here. As all of my friends ate heavy lunch, we didn’t been for swimming at water. Besides that, we walked around the site and watched people enjoying the activities. Later we thought to have fun, and so we went ahead for boating. Truly, this was a real experience, as we saw magnificent sights from through boating. I could easily say that this beach never makes anyone feel bored. Waking on the soft sand of the beach during afternoon is really a fascinating experience.

When the time has passed so soon we did not understand, but watching the sunset at the beach was very charming. We got completely exhausted so went back to our room for a better sleep at night. As it was our first day we thought to see the location, whether it pulls our interests or not. Therefore, the next day we gained lot of energy to try some of the activities. The morning time view was excellent and it influenced us a lot. With the fresh air, we started our day and slowly we witnessed that the crowd were coming to make their day memorable. Some people were simply jumping on the water, some trying to swim, some lying on the sand and some walking and enjoying the activities and sports.

Fort Lauderdale Florida beach resortsAfter enjoying a lot, we took one-hour rest by sun bathing on the beach chair. Lying on the chair, it is so cool to have some snacks and drinks and just go on watching the glorious sights. The next day we arrived to try fishing and along with that we were very happy to experience the deep water boating. We made our days as a memorable lifetime experience at the city of Fort Lauderdale. Shopping at nearby market places, having something at the shops on the site of beach, try some stylish dishes at the street, dining at close restaurants, and some others were very much fascinating that boost energy and interest of every tourist.

Our heart filled with joy after experiencing and enjoying so much of sights and things within these three days. Swimming, walking, watching, sunset, hotels, restaurants, street food, shopping, exotic water, and scenic beauty, all became a pot full of attractions for a tourist to explore. We all came back to our home with other things that we bought from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but something special among those were the memories, which is unforgettable for all of us.

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  1. Adam says:

    I’ve been to this place and it is seriously amazing!! I just loved it and i extended my stay for 2 more days.

  2. Bret says:

    It is said Venice for US and that is really very great thing. Venice is such a beautiful and romantic city :)

  3. Corby says:

    This city is very well organised. There are very less chances of you being lost. Public transport is also very much fare.

  4. Ema says:

    You’ve got some the world’s best baches to visit here. They are so clean and the water is crystal clear!

  5. Fenny says:

    This city has been developed few years ago. It was a simple place but after tourists coming over, city also developed with many amenities.

  6. Gabriel says:

    If you are a beach lover this place is for you. you can get everything here but beaches are just awesome.

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