Florence: Hub of the Italian history

Can you recollect the great Renaissance era that you must have studied in your history lectures? Well, now also recall its fine architectures that are among the best examples of art and structure. If you are a great fan of Renaissance art, then this time take a tour of the beautiful Florence in the culturally and architecturally famous Italy. Florence is the most distinct destination on the tourist map as it is even today the home of some well-preserved as well as the superb Renaissance edifices. Just this single reason will suffice for a trip to this city if you are a history aficionado. The city offers a plethora of historic sights such as churches and museums that houses the works of the great artists such as Michelangelo. However, keep in mind that if you desire a relaxing trip, then this is not possible here as the Renaissance heritage will motivate you to keep moving.

Florence renaissance history

Okay, are you ready for the advent? Then, the first think is to select a proper bus or walking tour. Both of them have guides and offer a unique experience. On my trip, I actually opted for the walking tour because of the opinion that this will make me explore be better. Further, I was fortunate enough to have a good guide who made all of us (I and other tourists) indulged to such an extent that we felt as if we are living in the Renaissance era itself.

The real magnificence of the city is the Old Palace that is commonly known Palazzo Vecchio. Here, the impressive bell tower has a legend – once used as an alarm to caution the people for some kind of upcoming danger. This open-air monument offers a free discovery, striking statues of the medieval era, adorned public rooms, many cafes, and restaurants.

Palazzo Vecchio

Next, the Palazzo Medici Riccardi was the next splendid edifice to be erected in the area. It is now almost 500 years old and was the home of the Medici family. Further, it has also hosted many wealthy items. Entitled as the cultural hub of the city, the Piazza del Signoria is a genuinely distinct structure. In the past, this area was the core of the regional politics as well as the abode of several vital historical events. A palace that is simply worthy as well as jubilant is the Palazzo Strozzi that will leave your senses stunned. Now, I am revealing a very surprising fact of this palace – 15 structures were damaged to build this one. What a history it carries! Today, this amazing palace is the home of several displays as well as a big library.

Palazzo Medici Riccardi

Featuring the brainchild of Raphael and Filippo Lipi, the Palazzo Pitti is just an architectural marvel. Formerly the abode of the famed Pitt family, it is known for well maintaining the Renaissance architecture. Besides this, the other highlights are the displays of modern art and costumes as well as the landscaped Boboli gardens outside, which are outstanding.

Palazzo Pitti

One of the best theatrical centres in the city is Teatro Comunale where several music and cultural concerts are held. It is an open-air amphitheatre where a myriad of famous artists have shown their talent to mesmerize the crowd. The Palazzo dei Congressi is one more architectural delight in the city where many international trade conferences as well as several exhibitions are held. With an amphitheatre and 13 luxurious rooms, it is the ideal venue for these events. Adding to the delight is the outside gardens welcoming the delegates as well as the tourists warmly.

Teatro Comunale

Do have a look at the Baptistery that is among the most ancient buildings here. It is erected from white and green marbles and offers great views of the Florence as well as its surroundings. One more highlight here is the Bell Tower that is accessible only if you force yourself to ascend over 400 steps. Best museum in the city is the Galleria degli Uffizi where you will come across the most significant display of the Renaissance art.

Galleria degli Uffizi

Want to go for some architectural shopping, I mean shopping at some uniquely made place? Well, then a genuine Italian shopping is just possible at the Ponte Vecchio Bridge that is the solely remaining medieval bridge. Today, it is the hub of many edge-shops where you can buy fruits, vegetables, and jewelry.

Ponte Vecchio Bridge

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