Festive destinations in the World

All over the world there are tourists who travel across to see the beautiful sights, wonderful structures and amazing monuments. The festive destinations in the world are one way of experiencing the beauty of nature at its best.

Christmas decorations are there in the malls and the high streets and the commuters get that festive look when there is a festival around. The bright flashing lights and the lovely sights of the happy children and the beautiful ambience lends more beauty to the travellers eye.

Let us known exactly how we would spend our vacation in festive locations. So the warm sunny weather that dominates places like Egypt during the festive season, make the place a great place to escape that Christmas Chills. So come here to Egypt and you would get the best festive destination ideas that would suit your requirement.


This is a beautiful place and you would surely like to explore this rose red city of Petra and enjoy the beauty of being in a Bedouin party. There would be lot of musical entertainment and there would also be an extravagant New Year Dinner. There would lot of champagne, fireworks and also games. There is something very surreal about this landscape here and the Wadi rum is a great spot here to relax and rejuvenate in.

Festive destinations


Then come to the Great Wall of China during Christmas. See the beautiful Terracotta Warriors here in the region of Xi’an and enjoy the tours to this part of the world. Go to Harbin and see the Harbin Ice Festival which is very popular here. It is held every year and has been a major festival since the year 1963. This is normally filled with sights of ice sculptures and has some of the worlds famous landmarks. This has huge ice slides that converts the entire area into the most fascinating wonderland.


Come to India from the chilly winters in the other countries and enjoy the sights of the unbelievably fascinating land of India. This is where you would get the most exhilarating sights of the celebrations of New Year and Christmas. This is the country of the Taj Mahal and enjoy the pleasures of going around Delhi and also visit the pink city Jaipur.


Come to Marrakech which has a lot of sights to offer. It is the best festive refuge. Come here and soak up the joy of being in this land of pleasurable excitements and get to see the way this land of Morocco unfolds like a mysterious beauty. The markets here and the changing colours of the Todra Gorge make up the most mesmerizing sights and it is a great feeling to be here in the land of the Kasbah at Ait Benhaddou. Trek up the desert in Sahara and also go to Essaouira. The cuisine here is very high and everyone loves to feel this desert experience. Come and taste the delicious tagine and feel the beauty of this lovely land.

Festive attractions In World


The best thing to do while going on a festive destination is to reach London. Skate on the Somerset Houses’ ice rink and get romantic here in this beautiful land. If you are novice then enjoy the beauty of the city of London and bask in the pleasures of a great tourist destination which also has great festive attractions.


Come to Dresden in Germany and enjoy the sights of the many visitors who come here annually and see the giant tree Christkindlmarkt which is very famous for the great lighting and the traditional festive celebrations that are had here during the festive season. The handmade crafts and the souvenirs or gifts that are found here make up a great tourist attraction.

New York

The lighting at the Rockefeller Centre is a great attraction during festivals and the tourists love to bask in the pleasures of this lovely land with the most unique attractions. This is the place where people also like to shop for Christmas. Come here and enjoy the city’s famous hotspot Radio City where the Rockettes perform their Christmas function.

Festive destinations in  jordan

There are many festive destinations in the world which give the tourists a lot of travel pleasures. It is interesting to check them out.

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