Exploring the Mayhem of the North India

No one can ever, get bored traveling in India! Except for Bollywood and terrorist attacks, India is favorite tourist destination among most of the tourists for its still preserved culture and customs. India is a beautiful blend of modernization with touch of colorful festivals, diverse culture and language. The best time to visit the India is in winter and summer i.e. September to May. Avoid going between June and August as its rains heavily during these months.

I can go on and on about India. So I’ll just, start on with my traveling experience in North India. Out North India tour started off, when my flight from States landed in Mumbai, Maharashtra, after around seventeen hours. Having heard so much about Mumbai, its culture, movies (Bollywood) and nightlife, I decided to stay couple of nights and a day in Mumbai. In 2008, after being attack by the terrorist militants and destruction caused of lives and landmarks like Oberoi Hotel and Taj Hotel, the daily routine of the people still looks fine and lively. I don’t know what it is about this city, but the vibes of the city and the friendly locals will just make you very comfortable.

Nevertheless, finally, I reached there, and fantastic place to be. But on my way to the hotel, was a moment when I thought I was going to die not by a mafia goon but because of the cabbie. The cabbie was driving so rash and even crossed the red light signal on a high speed that I started to see white light in front of me. I haven’t been so scared in my whole trip in India! After the terrifying cab ride, I finally reached my hotel, safely! And after a small dispute over the fare, assisted by my hotel manager, I was in town. From outside the hotel didn’t look that good, but they took good care of me.

Taj Mahal hotelNext day was fantastic, wandering around the south Mumbai i.e. Town, exploring and admiring the British era colonial architectures, Gateway of India, Central Park – filled by the locals playing cricket, and checking the original thoroughfares from a cab fare card. It was fun! Even saw Taj Mahal hotel, even after the attack, it looked incredible and has more strict security around it. Even after attack and being renovated, the black marks of fire and bullets holes say the horrifying event happened here. To experience some luxury time, I went in the Harborview Bar of the Taj Mahal hotel, to drink. I had two drinks, which cost me forty dollars each. It didn’t even equal my stay in Mumbai. Behind the Taj Mahal hotel, I saw a local hotel named Baghdadi. The restaurant was flooded by the customers, so just to try couple of dishes; I went in where booths were shared because of the limitation of space. A guy next to me, recommended me to try dry chicken here. Though the chicken was spicy, it was really mouth-watering and delicious. He even told me to try kadai paneer (paneer – cotton cheese) – had no idea what it was, but ordered it to try once. It’s a vegetarian dish, very succulent, soft and I had never taste something like this before. The meal was the cheapest and delicious that I have had in my whole trip. After having good meal and before heading to my hotel, I stopped by the ground to see cricket, cheer up the players, and watch an Indian Movie in Movie Theater. Though I couldn’t understand what the dialogues were, but somehow got the story.

Next day, I flew to the northeast to Varanasi, where River Ganges flow and town full of different colors, spiritual and sacred place for Hindus. It was very spiritual as well as weird experience for me. Infinite numbers of people come here making their way through the crowd, to be purified by bathing in the river Ganges and some heading towards the nearby Buddhist site to take blessings. The whole crowd was mixture of curious tourists, beggars, local shamans and salesmen, which was intimidating for me to view. In the evening as I arrived there, the bank of River Ganga was filled by the evening activity; few people were praying and taking a dip in the river, some young as well as old Brahmins were doing yoga, some were leaving flowers and small lit clay lamp in the water, which was all together a spiritual experience for me. Having heard so much about this place and finally witnessing its spirituality, is really something to experience. In the dawn, you can’t miss the sight of Brahmins and locals coming and bathing in cold water of river Ganga, which is also little hilarious.

After spending a day in Varanasi, my next stop was the Agra. I had reservation done in the overnight train to Agra. Reaching at night outside the station, with the help of a coolie (porter) I boarded my train. The view around the station is really mind blowing and frustrating at the same time. The best to see are the porters around carrying more than two heavy bags on their heads and climbing the stairs quickly. The train journey was relaxing and comfortable and before reaching to Agra, I had a good nap in the train. I reached to Agra in the middle of the night. Having to travel by the train network in India, I didn’t regret it. I was booked in the second class – sleeper’s compartments – where the bunk was quite hard but still reasonable. I was alarmed by the few people to take care of my bags and belongings as at night for their have been cases of being robbed.

Red FortAfter being checked in a good hotel and having good few hours of sleep, in morning I asked the hotel manager to arrange a guide to show me around. The first thing I wanted to see was among the Seven Wonders of the World – Taj Mahal. But my guide insisted me to see it in the evening, during sunset. So he took me to the other well known sites of the Agra like huge and impressive Red Forts – it was just awesome, small version of Taj Maha (according to me) –the decorative Muslim Tomb and many more royal wealth. The both mention is worth a visit for once!

Taj MahalHowever, there is no comparison between Taj Mahal and other historic monuments in Agra. It’s the most beautiful structure to visit; undoubtedly, the site is promising and lives up to its hype. The sunset was perfect to watch this huge and magnificent monument. It was amazing to sit and see the colors changes around it – just breathtaking! I had so many weird photos taken by my guide, every single weird but good poses.

After having seen the main sites of Agra, I left immediately for the Jaipur. I wanted to see the Fatehpur Sikri, a palace erected by the grandfather of the maharaja who ordered to build the Taj Mahal. The other attractions were the Pink city of the Jaipur. The best part in that city is the elephant ride all the way to the palace situated at the outskirt of the town. One thing I learned here is that the tourism plays important role in most of the local lives. Reaching the ground of the palace, you will realize that whole ground is occupied by the shops and stalls, selling handicrafts and accessories. If anytime you liked wool rug and wish to buy, as you move away from that stall, its price will fall too, after they think you were not buying it! It’s best to bargain there… as people try to sell more than its price.

Fatehpur Sikri

The stay at Jaipur was fun and I enjoyed elephant ride. I did plan to go to Delhi but I had some my flight issues, so had to return to Mumbai. But next time I will sure come back to India to explore more cities and write about it. Still the whole week was fun, discovering new things and way of living of the people in India. The whole experience was overwhelming for me!

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  1. Astro says:

    India totally rocks! You are into the new world of living beings once you are in India. So many people live here!

  2. Drek says:

    Its not only the northern part but the whole India is simply amazing! you can spend time anywhere in India! there are so many things to see! sometimes even 2 months can be less to see the varied India!

  3. Solomon says:

    Mumbai is the city which never sleeps! its on 24/7. There won’t be any place where you will not find a person on road roaming cars speeding!

  4. Davis says:

    Mumbai’s night life rocks! Its always said that if you want to enjoy Mumbai you need to leave your house after 10 pm.

  5. Jasmine says:

    India is simply great! All the places have got its different cultures different way to live life. You can get all the level of people.

  6. Gary says:

    The Taj hotel! very much famous before and after Terrorist attack on 26th November! whole world was stunned after this attack!

  7. Sherly says:

    India is totally incredible! The whole world has been attacking India from all the sides yet the spirit of the poeple are always high!

  8. Sherly says:

    Red fort in Delhi, The Taj Mahal in Agra, Qutub Minar in Hyderabad and many more places worth a visit! there are so many pilgrimages tovisit. India is full of life!

  9. Andy says:

    Kerala is my favorite destination! it is in southern part of India and its just beautiful! Everything there is so soothing for your health. Specially the ayurvedic massage :)

  10. Grant says:

    All the parts of Inddia has its own identity! Extreme Northern full of adventure, extreme south totally breathtaking, extreme west beaches! extreme east chilly weather!

  11. Bruce says:

    Some one has said true! Miracles can happen only in India!

  12. Jim says:

    People’s thinking here is totally different! where we think whether this stranger is good or bad, indians make them friends and give them royal treatment for being their friends.

  13. Carryne says:

    I was so thrilled after listening to the attack in Mumbai! All my condolences and sympathy is with the deceased! People can be so cruel but yet Indians still have the courage and spirit to face them.

  14. mysa says:

    not only north india…but whole of india is known for its various languages, festival , rituals , cultures and what not..india rocks !!!!

  15. meril says:

    india … in one word … you name it you have it..that’s what i call is india

  16. sera says:

    mumbai is said to be called as city that never sleeps…

  17. jackson says:

    india is a place to be lots of cutures,various languages,lots of beautiful destinations ..then to all indians are unit…salute to the indians !!

  18. peterson says:

    i m eager to visit india..heard from lots of friends about indians…weather in good times or bad times indians are always to gether….

  19. andrew says:

    i have visited india..goa ( beaches ),kashmir ( mountain ranges and glaciers ),kanya kumari ( sunset ) etc…india is beautiful…amzing !!!

  20. swiny says:

    taj mahal – symbol of love … what a beutiful architcture … a very romantic place to be…just loved it

  21. ralph says:

    varanasi , allahabad is the place where the great ganga flows from… devoted to lord ram … great pilgrim place in india

  22. michel says:

    go to any place in india…. full of helpful people , beutiful sceenary , great pilgrim placed , varity of great food veg & non -veg & important of all lots of love

  23. shawn says:

    mumbai is truly the city to be … any time any place you go…everythings there for you…

  24. shrek says:

    delhi the city of forts and politicians…but great to be visited for its extra vegenza treatness..happy go lucky..the great capital of india…india rocks !!!

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