Exploring The Fascinating Charms Of Maldives

The Islamic Centre

islamic centerLocated in the capital city of Maldives, Male’, the Islamic Centre is one of the most significant milestones. Gigantic golden dome architect overlooking the skyline, this stupendous and eye-catchy structure grabs the eyeballs from every direction of Male’. Standing tall as a symbolization of Islam religion, this majestic structure reminisces of the religion which has been ruling the country from past centuries. This structure was established in 1984 and today encompasses a huge mosque which has the capacity of accommodating 5000 people; an Islamic library; classrooms; conference hall and offices.

The Local Market

Found on the Northern Waterfront, i.e. at a small distance from the Male’ Fish Market, the local market is swampedlocal market with small stalls. Unlike the regular hustle and bustle of crowded markets of the surrounding areas, the local market’s atmosphere is calm and slow-paced. All the stalls are filled with local productions that are mainly obtained from the atolls. Stroll over the market area and you will find materials such as local vegetables, fruits and yams, nuts packets, breadfruit chips, bottles of homemade sweets, pickles, banana bunches tied on coir ropes from ceiling beams.

Huskuru Miskiiy

Huskuru Miskiiy was erected in the 17th century and functioned as the main mosque for the populace for over four Huskuru Miskiiycenturies. Huskuru Miskiiy or Friday Mosque faded from the eyes of the people, when the Islamic Center and Grand Friday Mosque came into existence in 1984. This legendary mosque was been created by the Sultan Ibrahim Iskandhar in 1656, and is a monumental architecture built by coral carvings and traditional workmanship. Perhaps, this magnum opus is regarded as one of the best coral curving from allover the world.

Blocks of filigree-curved coral blocks have been chiseled to build the mosque’s walls. The interiors are designed exquisitely and panels have engravings of Arabian writings. While you move inside, you will find the heavy wooden doors; slide them to open and to move to the inner sanctums where there are lamp hangings. There is a Munnaaru or Minaret facing this marvelous architecture, which grabbed the attention of the faithful worshippers. Even, this Minaret was built by that Sultan in 1675. Huskuru Miskiiy is encircled by a cemetery, which is a legion of elaborately curved coral headstones.


Established in 1906 by Sultan Mohamed Shamsuddeen III, Mulee-aage is a magnificent palace in front of the Huskuru Miskiiy mosque. Reinstated in the place of a house which hailed back to the 17th century, the palace boasts wrought iron gates and fretwork friezes on the roof’s edges. The Sultan built a beautiful garden especially for his son, however the Sultan was later overthrown. This garden has saved many innocent lives as it served as a helpful resource for generation of food during the World War II. Later, when Maldives declared a republic in 1953, this palace became President’s Official Residence. Following in 1994, the New Presidential Palace’s institution replaced the previous one. Today, Mulee-aage serves as the President’s office.

The National Museum

Previously housing the former Sultan, today the Sultan’s Park is home to the National Museum. An Edwardian colonial-style three-storey building that appears to be dull and low-key from the exteriors stores an extraordinary legendary collection in the interiors. The legendary collection includes thrones and palanquins of former sultans, first printing press of the country, a rifle used by Mohamed Thakurufaanu against the Portuguese in the 16th century, ceremonial robes, headgear and umbrellas belonging to Sultan, statues and other monuments from 11th century found from the former temples.

Enriched with bygone era’s great historic artifacts, the museum reflects proud history, culture of Maldives. Believe me, the interiors legendary collection will take you to a trip down the historic lane of Maldives. Tour to this museum will enlighten you with Maldives history and you will no longer look upon it just as a tourist destination.

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