Exploring Off The Track Bulgaria – Part III

I have taken you for a visit in the exotic Bulgaria; now let’s move ahead in its enchanting tourists spot.

Tourist attractions


It is a chilling location which offers a blend of Sun and natural surroundings. It is a quaint spot with solitary flowing air. Along with this, it proffers a long beach that stretches about 800 meters from the town centre and lush green hills. There are few buildings which mark their presence in the verdure landscape. However, it is planned to renovate the place rendering a whole new structure in the forthcoming years. An €80 million marina resort is being planned which would have room capacity for 500 yachts.

The post office and administration buildings lie at a distance of 500 m to the east from the town ‘centre’ which is sitting alongside the park near the bus stop. To chill yourself in the warmth beaches, move southwest from the bus stop besides the Ul Sveti Nikola to the main coastal road for almost 300 meters. From here, move towards the northwest by any pathway.


This small hamlet is paradise for tourist that affords comprehensive deals for its tourists. Snuggling in the wooded hills between Karlovo and Sofia, it is a perfect idyllic spot which is filled with Bulgarian National Revival period architecture, cobblestone streets and beautiful bridges which link the banks of the pretty brook. This location preserves numerous antique architectural structures that are truly commendable endeavors. Thanks for this to the government’s verdict which has helped in the perseverance of around 400 ancient buildings which possess architectural and historical significance. Also, there have been some refurbishments of churches and house-museums which enshrine captivating delights like decorations and implements belonging to the historic period.
Koprivshtitsa is an impeccable and natural spot with proliferating greenery and overgrown paths. It’s these characteristics make it a fun and frolic place which can be enjoyed by every ages. Children can play around the natural surroundings. Therefore, Koprivshtitsa is a perfect hideout; also there lies traditional vibes inside the restaurants and guesthouses. Tourists love this destination which is apparent by the tremendous visit of large number of tourists. All these signify that Koprivshtitsa is a valuable location worth a visit.


Balchik is a tiny town which surely deserves the tag of ‘fresh breath of sea air.’ It is a lovely small town and port which is sandwiched below white chalk crags. It is a placid spot which is preserved far away from the world whose lights can be observed winking across the bay at night. This enchanting location offers striking attractions like the Palace which is placed perfectly between the green botanical gardens. From here, move a few kilometers below the coast which shelters few tiny museums which will get you mused.

To the East of centre is a large enclosed sand-patch which is just in front of Helios Hotel. Other than this, there is one small artificial beach which is huddled by canopies. The rest of the narrow beach is filled with debris and rocks. However, there are numerous material jetties utilized by the tourists for sunbathe. Also, here it offers for a good swim. You can get an easy access through Varna, however catch the route from Balchik as it offers for exploring beautiful spots in the hamlet such as Kaliakra Cape and Dobrich, also gives an opportunity to observe the beach resorts located to the south.

green botanical gardensCentral Balkans:

This is a broad swipe filled with pretty exciting high mountains that are known as Stara Planina. This terrain is shimmering with towns resembling the 19th century revival style amidst which noteworthy are Veliko Tarnovo, Tryavna, Koprivshtitsa and Kotel. One can explore adventure efficiently through the broad Central Balkans National Park pathways by cycling or skiing. Also, the international E3 hiking trail crosses by here. It also shelters some off the track locations like Kazanlak, Sliven and Shumen.

Balkans National ParkDevin:

This is an off-the-beat location which has a calm and tranquil ambiance. However, it is one of the best spa towns and also offers quaintness, services and one or two café bars. Although, Devin is quite popular for manufacturing Bulgaria’s acknowledged mineral water brand and balneological resort. Therefore, plenty of Sofians pay visit for retreating in the five-star luxury resorts. However, this has rendered it a resort like impression where you will seek most of the fun in the outdoors waters. Apart from this, one can grab the fun of hiking over the local eco-paths. However, this is a budget destination and offers good access for touring the nearby caves.

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