Exploring Off The Track Bulgaria – Part I

Locked under the Ottoman domination for an elongated period of five centuries and the recent four decades dominance because of the ‘iron curtain’ presents Bulgaria as an isolated and mysterious country in the eyes of entire globe. There are some popular conventional misconceptions like cheap wine downed at the student house parties, budget ski holidays and other such factors, which once defined the country; however Bulgaria has developed over the last 10 years and has successfully brought out a new image.

Most of the merry-making tourists find fun in Bulgaria’s attractive extensive-sandy Black sea coast, which flaunts splendid beaches and scenic bays, despite all the widespread construction work. However, this is not everything to this enchanting country, there are other traits which are still under-wraps and not yet unveiled. The adventurous activities like mountaineering hiking tracks, and horse rides gives access to explore the Bulgaria’s massive mountain ranges and its picturesque backdrop. One can gaze the diminishing wildlife of Europe that comprises of bears, lynx, unusual birds and diverse wilderness which are sheltered around the Rila and Pirin lush green natural surroundings and mountain ranges.

bulgaria europe One can evade the regular hectic life in this off the track destination that offers for serenity and mental peace. It is an accessible destination with cheap and feasible transportation amenities that navigates you in between the cities and takes you for meandering in the rustic and isolated countryside where one can soothe the pestered senses in the slow pacer life that continues to rest from centuries ago. This is a comprehensive location where one will come across the multi-colored monasteries, which are iconic and grandeur with their impressive architectural structures. They are enshrined under the supervision of bushy bearded priests.

The backdrop of beautiful and simplistic timber-built villages and smoke reclining over the stone-rooftops leisurely, donkeys grumbling at a distance, the head-scarf ladies and their gaped children forms a naive and innocent vision for the eye-sight. Quite often the cities are given a miss because of vibrant and multi-ethnic ‘Sofia’ which bestows pleasant parks, friendly outdoor bars and notable museums ranging from the National Revival Architectural Treasures to the Roman remains of Plovdiv and from here to the lively maritime ostentatious Varna.

sunny beach bulgaria Bulgaria is an active member of NATO and EU since 2007, which possesses the caliber lying at significant breakthrough. The whopping foreign investment done in this country has brought out some thriving prosperity not just in the mountain ranges or around the beaches, but in the cities too. This country is coming into the spotlight as massive numbers of tourists are showing interest in this country. Not only this, this destination has experienced a boom in the number of tourists who are investing in property here, this rising trend hints that Bulgaria is the next flourishing destination for property. Simultaneously, there is a noteworthy decline of the native populace than anywhere else in Europe.

bulgaria tourism May be the reason behind this is that they are paid low wages compared to the entire continent that gives way for rising number of strikes. All these problematic issues provide a clear view of the bureaucratic ineffectiveness. Also, organized crime settles in the background. The country’s development programs seem to be ignoring the environmental perspective as the ecological destruction is triggered because of overdevelopment. All these have led to public outcry and caught the attention of renowned national and international organizations which are campaigning strong-mindedly to bring these sensitive issues into notice. property in bulgaria Despite all these problems, Bulgarians are patriotic set of people that will mark an innocent impression in your mind and compel you to revisit the country for gathering similar pleasant experiences. However, prices have seen a rise after Bulgaria became the member of EU, but compared to Western European countries, it is still amusing and feasible location. If you want to discover more of this location, then bring your own vehicle so that you yourself explore the location’s enchanting and scenic beauty.

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