Exploring Melbourne as a Backpacker

all nation hostelAfter traveling by a bus for 12 hours, I finally reached to Melbourne. As I stepped out of the bus, I first started to search a good hotel, nearby the station. Though it was getting dark, I finally settled for the All Nation hostel that was just 2 minutes distance from the station. There I got reasonable room for 21 dollars per night. I had to share my room with four other people. The room was fine. It had a bathroom, and four bunk beds. The top bunk only vacant so I took, below me was Fran. As I got up the bunk, it started to wobble but Fran looked pretty cool about it. Having banged my head all the way here to the bus window, every time I used to doze off, the traveling really made me tried and my head swell! So after investigating the entire room, I went to sleep.

Next day started off good, as I had to meet Jenny at St Spencer. I reached there on time, but she was late as she misunderstood St Spencer to Flinders St Station. I didn’t had any choice but to wait, so to pass the time, I started to wander here and there, walked around huge metal Christmas tree, just across the street. She finally arrived after two hours. Waiting was not at all bad, but boring! After spending whole day talking and roaming the city, I spend Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday too, in same way exploring the city with Jenny.  The city looked pretty cleaned and nice to me. But because of the traffic, we had to always walk. The traffic was horrible but had fun pushing people out of way.

To reach Central Business District, downtown was never a problem for me as I used to catch free tram that passed by my hostel. So wherever I needed to go, I would take this tram. I liked the parks and gardens around here; they are so clean and green. The Treasury Gardens, next to the Parliament, are great to pass time. I spend my morning, lying down under a tree, watching the historic architectural building of Parliament and birds around! It was actually relaxing. I don’t remember where I ate sushi, it was really tasty! I might I had had sushi at somewhere around a movie theater. I know there are so many movie theaters, but sorry guys, I couldn’t recall it.

parliament house
Do you know what is the strangest thing in this city – it is the pay phones! The phone cost $0.40 for a call and it is timed. But when the time is up, it just disconnects abruptly. It is so frustrating when you are on a call, and it gets disconnected without warning. It happened three or four times while talking to Jenny… I hate these pay phones!

Done roaming within the city, Jenny and me got out of the city and headed towards the Great Ocean Road. It is situated 100 kilometers south-west to the Melbourne. The place was so beautiful and mesmerizing. The Bells beach was our first stop. Everything about that place – rocks and waves – was fantastic!! Thank god I had my bathing suits, without waiting any longer, I took off my clothes and was about to dive into the water and stopped! The water was freaking cold! So I end up walking along the shoreline. Though, it was fun! And for night, we decided to spend it at nearby camping site in swag. It was cool and reasonable actually. To sleeping, there provided sleeping bags made up of canvas so it does not get wet. There I even tasted a kangaroo’s steak, killed by the same guys who were cooking it. The steak tasted as any steak. I don’t know why, I liked it! In night, it started raining there and temperature also dropped. It was very cold and you could hear the raindrops so clearly. I don’t know about other people, but I slept like a baby in that sleeping bag. Just one thing was circling in my mind, I should not get wet!

Next day we headed to Grampian Mountain range through Warrambool to the north. The Grampians Mountain is primarily made of sandstones and is a tourist’s destination. It gets the actual shape of a sequence of low-angled Grampians Mountainsandstone crests, running from the east to the north south. The sedimentary crests in the area have deformed in the western areas; it presents a vertical but impressive view of the sandstones ridges from the northern tip. There is stayed at the Halls Gap in Banffish town. At campground was filled with many kangaroos. We even fed them bread, we were not supposed to, but this was the only way to see them face to face. The entire hour was fun! At night, we went to this little restaurant and they were such money suckers! Just for having a ketchup packet, they charged us $0.25. Can you imagine – $0.25 for a small ketchup packet! Jesus! That night in Halls Gap we came to know the water is not good to drink. Later, jenny and I decided to make regular tea – usually made during camping – to save money, Jenny asked the hotel staff; the staffs were fine about us making the tea. So that was quite ok, as they did not have drinking water.

Next day we got up early and went for trekking on the mountain of Pinnacle. The trek was of two and a half hour. It was very adventurous, as we had to actually jump from rock to rock in order to reach our destination. When we reached up, we all were huffing and puffing. After catching our breath and seeing the view at such a top of the mountain, we got charged up. Clicked many photos with weird poses and left after an hour. While coming down it was scarier as I slipped many a times on rocks and somehow maintained my balanced. I even rolled my ankle. After reaching down, Jenny turned to me searching her pant’s pockets and said in tensed voice, “Oh my god, I forgot car keys up there”, pointing to the mountain, “we have to go up again and get it.” I was like hell no! My ankle was paining badly and thinking of going up again and coming down it really pissed me off. Suddenly smile came on Jenny’s face, which showed me that she lied. Still I was mad on her and didn’t talk to her all way to the hotel.

How can I stay without talking to Jenny anyways!

Had fun exploring the Victoria region and the picturesque beach, trekking on the mountain, sleeping in swag and eating kangaroo steak, everything was exciting and new experience for me. There is more to explore in and out Melbourne. Till then wait for my next article.

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  1. Xavier says:

    If you are a true adventurer then you should visit places as a backpacker!

  2. Yerzhov says:

    Melbourne is a great place to explore. You need to be a backpacker for knowing it.

  3. Ziggy says:

    I have visited Melbourne. There isn’t much in the city but outskirts is really cool! You have all the experience in your journey.

  4. Auro says:

    Melbourne is a great city to live. It is not happpening as Vegas or Gold Coast, but during weekends people are crazy party animals!

  5. Brett says:

    Not only Melbourne but whole Australia is aplace for backpackers! specially WA.

  6. Catherine says:

    Grampians is an amazing place! You need to go here if you are going to Melbourne. Perfect place for backpackers!

  7. Doll says:

    Great Ocean Road is one of the most famous tourist attraction of the world!

  8. Em says:

    Its an amazing view on Great ocean road. 1 side its rocks and the other only water! The whole route is like a snake.

  9. Fiona says:

    Actually it is known as Great Ocean Drive. The initials of the place represents everythin. G.O.D!

  10. Gretle says:

    When you go to the end of Great Ocean Road, there are 12 apostles which are just marveleous to see. You get an amazing Scenic beauty to see.

  11. Hedge says:

    Grampians is really good place for hiking. You need to stay for 2 days if you wana enjoy everything there.

  12. Inobi says:

    In such places you will be charged for everything. It is not easy for the people to get all these stuff as the city is far away.

  13. Johnson says:

    The best view while going to Grampians are the fields on the side of the road where Kangaroos are hopping freely and it is dangerous as they can come in front of your car at any time!

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