Explore the Exquisite Scenic Beauty of California

Blessed with exotic natural beauty, California is all about fun and enjoyment. There are many tourist attractions in Northern and Southern California and which are world famous. The California vacation promises to be the best of all the vacations of all the times. The Hollywood is the Mecca of the movie studios, production houses and the stardom. No one and nothing sleeps here. Shop here for getting some exclusive Hollywood stuff like clothes, gadgets and other accessories. Also you would get to visit various premier studios like Universal Studios, Kodak Theatre which is the home of the Academy Awards. If you are lucky, you may be able to spot some Hollywood biggies walking down the Hollywood walk of Fame.


The largest suspension bridge, the Golden Gate which connects San Francisco and Marin is the major attraction and the biggest landmarks of California. The bridge is truly a masterpiece. When you will walk along this bridge, only then you would understand the magnanimity of the structure. May be the Golden Gate fascinates the adults and the elders but the kids will love the world’s most famous theme park, The Disneyland. The rides are very exciting and bring the lost child in you. The space mountain, Indiana Jones Adventure, Magic Kingdom and Epcot will fill you with thrill and enjoyment.

California bridge

Here in California one can enjoy a world class Skiing experience. The snow covered mountains are just perfect for skiing. The Sierra Nevada range, San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California all are just perfect for skiing. Big Sur is the most inspiring and peaceful and spectacular coast of Northern California. Big Sur is blessed with the natural beauty. The beaches and coves, the sight of cliffs melting into the sea, hiking along the tree lined valleys is just majestic. The Hearst Castle situated between San Francisco and Los Angeles is situated on a hill and people visit it because of its unique architectural design. It is designed like the old historic castles.

California skiing

Lake Tahoe will take every nature lover’s breath as the pristine waters, lakeside beaches, casinos, golf courses; this is the ultimate year round vacation spot for the adventure enthusiasts. One can enjoy snowboarding over the snow capped Sierra Nevada Mountains, skiing, fishing, water skiing and boating. San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf’s is a buzzing market area flooded with restaurants, shops, street performers and also the always crowded restaurants. You can shop here for the artifacts and souvenirs to take back home as a token of remembrance of this really lively and rocking place.

Lake Tahoe California

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  1. Vanessa Duvall says:

    Good weather x scenic splendor distance = Southern California!! :-)

  2. Kevin Johnson says:

    A few years back I way lucky enough to be able to take a month of work and visit Southern California.I traveled some 6000 miles through California, Nevada,Utah and Arizona.. At California you must if you can visit the walk down cuisine tours in different neighborhoods of Los Angeles. This way you also get to learn about the history and culture of that particular place..Six Taste offers small groups of people in the place with three and a half hour walking tour around California!Our guide was really knowledgable, she lives downtown. Th food was fantastic. I would REALLY recommend this tour to ANYONE visiting!

  3. Daffne D'Silva says:

    Yup! I live in California and when my friends came down from France we got on the Six Taste tour..What’s so special about this tour is that you get to taste awesome food from all the hidden non-touristy restaurants..California is an awesome place :-)

  4. Samantha Fox says:

    Hi! I live in the Bay Area and was at a week-long trip to L.A..The best place to have sushi is Sushi Katsu-Ya..Delicious and very original sushis and especially the different rolls..The crowd is good and the service is fantastic.Every dish was incredibly good!

  5. Quasy Dirsck says:

    The best kept and closely guarded secret in L.A. are indeed its sushi rolls, crunchy and yummy!!I’ve traveled all over California but like Sushi Katsu-Ya the best!The portions are large and cruncy! Quality is the best! You must try the honey hand rolls and sashmi specials!Its the best sushi on Earth in L.A. at Sushi Katsu-Ya! :-)

  6. Abigail Austin says:

    Every time in the the New York city I eat at Craft and give them a chance at Los Angeles..The food is great and the service is exceptional!The huge warm spinach salad was awesome and also the pasta with mushrooms is highly recommended!Also the fresh and deliciously soft apple muffins and the wonderful orange cranberry muffins were great!The place is well-lit up and has a cozy decor.The cocktails were just wonderful..They made me cry!

  7. Edward says:

    Haha Abigail!
    Oddly enough I went to Craft in L.A. for the first time and I really loved the cheese polenta! I loved the appetizers and the banana sorbet tasted heavenly! I’m in love with L.A!

  8. Henry Herzog says:

    But the icon of California is indeed In-N-Out burger! I love the double cheese combo burger with onions! The lettuce was really fresh and crunchy! The fries were really awesome too!:-)

  9. Sallie Weng says:

    Indeed, In-N-Out in L.A is my favorite burger joint on Earth! Another great tourist attraction for visiting L.A. is Venice Beach Boardwalk! It’s just amazing!

  10. Percy Koontz says:

    Nice and useful post on California city tours and tourist attractions! Thanks a lot :-)

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