Explore The Blend Of Adventure & Wilderness In Zambia, Africa

Zambia, the adventure destination popularly tagged the stature of African adventure capital provides a great deal of escapades and fun. Rich in ecology, it is comprehensive and wide-ranging exotica that offer various jaw-dropping sights. It shelters the impressive Victoria Falls and masses flock in large numbers to get a glimpse of ‘The smoke that Thunders.’ It was discovered by Dr. Livingstone in the year 1855 and since then it has acquired throngs of travelers that are desperate to gaze the legendary marvel. Superb amenities have earned this destination a great reputation as an adventurous spot as well the countries efforts to conserve the natural authenticity has made this an eco-friendly spot. This is the world’s leading natural gem.

As this is comprehensive location which is intact with numerous striking traits, it has every essential thing that can awe-inspire the travelers. Anyone’s definition of adventure fits perfectly into this location; I am not exaggerating it, truly. This place offers for numerous adventure activities like safaris, white water rafting, bungee jumping, helicopter flights and many more. All these adventurous activities can fill your every day schedule. But for truly cherishing them, you need to mould yourself such that you are entirely devoted to adventure. I don’t ask your lifetime period, but during your voyage over here, experience the camping sites. You might have heard this before from any adventurer’s experience that one cannot be on an excursion if he or she is residing at luxurious hotels. So surely make it to camping and then experience the hell lot of fun and adding to your knowledge is that there is a proliferation of campsites.

Livingstone Safari Lodge offers a cheap deal at $4 per night, even its location is close to the adventurous spot. Located on the main road that links to the falls makes it an essential location for fun activities. Also, you can affirm your bookings to any escapades activities.

Touring to the Victoria Falls is incomplete, if you do not make it to the ravine that might have generally led you to awing conditions after you would observe in your television shows like “The Amazing Race.” Embark the adventurous acts by rappelling down the crag and then landing over the Batoka gorge. Past this activity, hike the mountains on your foot and above the warming act will be done when you do the zip line activity and slide from one end to another. Make sure that your harness is proper, this experience will leave a mind-blowing expression in your mind and you will desire to try it again and again.

Again this one is the most exciting as well as thrilling experience, this gorge swinging activity has an added feature of bungee jumping you just need to jump from 55m, but yeah… the sudden stop dreads a bit, otherwise the whole act is fun. The rope tightens and lashes you across the opposite side of the gorge at a speed of 120km (75 miles) per hour. Until and unless you safely land over the ground, till then you will sway to and fro for sometime. The excitement created by this is matchless. Now it depends upon you that whether you want to dive in the gorge or whether you have accumulated all your guts so that your face comes first and you jump upside down. You don’t need to worry about the cost factor, as you are allowed to jump twice at the price of $90. Get ahead boldly and rock in your both chances.

After your half day finishes engaging in some of the coolest eye-opening adventures of the whole lifetime, subsequently helicopter crosses your way to bestow a mesmerizing view of the gushing Victoria Falls. According to them, this is enthralling and also the alternative of white water rafting, but instead of gliding in the water, the new approach is to cover the skies. This is the most fascinating exposure of the effusive River Zambezi, and you will be entwist in the gorging ways of the   following this you will chase the ravine, eventually rendering yourself a splendid panoramic look of the river and everlasting experience for the lifetime.

africa zambiaPast the exhilarating ride, it’s the time to cover the expedition on foot and cull some of the eye-popping scenic views personally. Nestling besides the cascading waterfall, it fountains over the tourists as if greeting there visit, this turns the expedition extraordinary and filled with lots of delighting charms. Subsequently, the track that you are hiking on will lead you to its face and if you want to cross the way either then catch the slim bridge. Be cautious while walking on the greasy bridge as to you don’t fall because it is slippery as well as it is not clearly visible to the eye-sights because of close distance to the waterfall which is just few hundred meters nearby. You are not provided the alternative of stay dry, also it seems so uninteresting and dull that you are passing by a waterfall and not enjoying it, so relish the waters. Conversing with your friends will need you to speak aloud as the thundering waterfall drowns your voice and therefore gives you an opportunity to shout over each other.

After indulging yourselves in the gorge swing, why not try something more adventurous too? Step forward over the bridge descending alongside the path that takes you to Zimbabwe. Crossing the boundary of two countries will take you to another exciting adventure popular amongst tourists i.e. bungee jumping. Try bungee jumping from 166m high (545 feet) over the River Zambezi. After already exposing yourselves to the swinging act, bask the credits of jumping from big heights to your glory. Come forward boldly and rock in this act too.

chaminuka nature reserv lodgeTry the wiser idea i.e. diversify your talent and not restrain it, don’t limit yourselves to jump over the rivers, get into it. I mean that coddle with white water rafting in this historical river which has formulated its place amidst the top ten white water rivers on the planet. Experts tag this striking natural wonder as ‘Devil’s toilet’ and ‘Stairway to Heaven.’ Undertake an amazing lifelong experience in this exceptional river as Safari says “It is clearly the wildest one-day white water trip on the planet.”

Adventure doesn’t always necessarily need to be heart stirring. How can one forget Africa most prominent characteristic i.e. the wildlife safari, without it the excursion is left incomplete. Therefore book your tickets to Chobe National Park in Botswana from Livingstone itself. This exotica is the chief one in the whole African continent which houses large numbers of wildlife. Explore the natural wildlife by devoting your whole day or a couple of days for this trip. Believe me; they will serve as eye candies to your eye sights. The electrifying sights of all-encompassing animals like elephants, zebras, lions, hippos, hyenas and every other species are awaiting you. With a populace of 12,000, Elephant concentration proves to be immense in this land.

Make your excursion memorable by voyaging to the land of Zambia. It has every possible thing for everyone arriving in this vast land. Come on a long trip so that you sneak a peek at tremendous amount of species that are concentrated in this land as well retreat yourself in every adventurous activity.

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