Explore Exceptional Ways Through Whitewater Paddling – Part II

5. Learn to Roll

This is the basic step to learn paddling, once you set on the rolling mode; you will experience fun in the upside down river waters. For learning, there are many clubs allover the country that teaches paddling and rolling techniques. Basically, learning the tactics of rolling depends upon how and when are you able to catch it, it may take hours, days or even weeks. So learning the technique entirely differs from person to person depending upon their sharpness to catch them. But don’t setback after initial hitches, take pleasure from your training and after you are totally prepared go into the waters. Once you got on rolling, see the steep highs in your confidence levels and track your abilities, you will start getting delighted.

But before you get into this training, knot my tip into your brains and don’t forget to carry swim goggles. In the beginning it proves to be a great helper because of which you are able to perceive the paddles, the gushing water and even your hands when you are swinging with the high waves and the water is sloshing your face continuously.

6. Training ground

After, you have got your hand in paddling and started flowing straight in the flat waters; it’s the time to head towards new directions. This is the time to set new goals that are filled with challenges. After you passed the simple ways, seek the tougher ones, now you have developed sufficient skills wherein you can train yourself in fast-flowing waters.

Search for new training grounds i.e. high pace waters which provides for lively swirls and some exciting thrills. You don’t have to cover long rivers for finding these characteristics, in fact you can get such information through the people around you in the paddling clubs or either check it out at the click of your button on the internet. Also, there is a website called American Whitewater Association Database.

Get down there in the rivers with your friends or instructors, but remember the essential point that the river you are voyaging in is itself the trainer as well as your testing field. This is the base from where you will learn as well prove yourself, try to make the use of the river like how will you work with the waves and how will you make it work for yourself. The more you get practical exposure, the more comfortable and confident you will be, when you are in the river.

Whitewater Paddling

7. Gear up

Now when you have got trained from every possible angle, it’s the time to step into river, but before that buy your safety gears and essential items comprising of a boat, paddle, helmet, spray skirt, booties or water shoes, dry bag, paddle jacket and dry-top. I know you all might be finding this a very costly affair, don’t worry, find these things in the Craigslist where you can buy used things for cheap.

river waters

8. Your first River Trip

Finally the moment has come for which you had been trained in the training spots or might be in the pools. For undertaking a safe journey and gathering the most fun, enter the water with your group of instructors and friends. Remember, this is the first trip so you need to benefit yourself from their experience. And the most noteworthy thing, don’t get this much engrossed in the trip that you forget to capture the surrounding beauty. Carry with yourself an extra pair of warm clothes in dry bags.

Use the above tips, this will turn your trip worth enjoying and fill it with fun. In your older days, these will be the nostalgic memories descending down the memory lane. You will remember them for lifetime and cheerfully boost yourself as if you are living it live then.

Explore Exceptional Ways Through Whitewater Paddling – Part I

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