Experience Angelic Charm in Bangkok

Bangkok is an intoxicating place due to its diversity, interesting sights, visual delights and a melting pot of exotic aromas. Take some time out of your tights schedule to unfold the hidden treasure of this city with infinite layers. With many historic monuments, museums, monasteries and other tourist attractions, Bangkok dishes out unending pleasures to everyone. The most glittering attractions of Bangkok are its monasteries or Wats that flank its landscape. The Buddhist temples are a masterpiece in architecture apart from their religious overtones. The craftsmanship with which they are built is worth appreciation.

Bangkok city tour

The best of the world’s museums, theme parks and rocking nightlife; you will find everything here. The Chinatown is a colourful, exotic and pleasingly buzzing area with gold shops and regular market stalls. The Chinese communities who settled here in the 1700s have kept alive the Chinese tradition by celebrating the Chinese New Year, the vegetarian festival and other religious practices. This place is always at its best.

Bangkok Chinatown

Imagine hundreds of wooden row boats laden with fresh fruits and vegetables and people buying and bargaining; the sight perfectly establishes that you are in the floating market. Here you will see market immersed in local culture and is a way of daily life. Remained the home of Thai king for 150 years, the Grand Palace and Wat Prakaew commands respect from all who visit it. The beautiful architecture and intricate detailing leaves the people in awe and surprise. The Buddha statue carved out of single block of emerald is enshrined here.

Bangkok Grand palace

One of the most recognised temple landmarks of South East Asia is the Wat Arun, the Temple of Dawn. Constructed during the first half of the 19th century by King Rama II, Wat Arun symbolises the birth of the Rattanakosin Period and the founding of the new capital after Ayutthaya fell. This temple looks majestic both at the sunrise and the sunset. The old city Wat Pho harbours a fascinating collection of murals, inscriptions and sculptures that delve into various subjects, from warfare to literature, astronomy to archaeology. A landscaped garden with stone sculptures also welcomes the visitors.

Temple of Dawn

Some other communities have also lend various charms to this city of Bangkok. One of the most scenic areas, the riverside along Chao Pharya River reflects a constantly changing scene day and night. Beautifully set against the backdrop of glittering temples, historical landmarks, and luxury five star hotels make it worth visiting. Take some Thai silk, world renowned for its lustrous beauty and fine quality.  The pioneer, Jim Thompson house is now a museum where you will get to see his vast collection of Thai art and antiques.

A fantastic evening is waiting for you at the Calypso which features a lot of dazzling performances by talented troupe of dancers, singers and entertainers. Here you may get to see a Marilyn Monroe or a Michael Jackson type performance. Simply superb entertainment is guaranteed here. Once the royal residence of king Rama V, the Vimanmek Mansion is fashioned entirely from gold teakwood without using a single nail. While you walk through the mansion you will marvel at the treasure trove of rare arts and furniture pieces; all belonging to the late king.

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  1. Kevin Johnson says:

    Hi, Thanks for the post! :-)
    I visited Bangkok sometime back and would like to share my experience with you. I visited many palaces, temples and markets. Being from Italy, I really appreciate good Italian meal.There’s this place in Bangkok, Enoteca Italiana.I went there in the late afternoon.The place was empty when we went there but got filled by 5 in the evening..The list of wines was so huge that even in Italy it is difficult to find a one like that. Excellent food, excellent hospitality and this place is one of my favorite for wining and dining in the AMAZING city of Bangkok. I would come back to this place again and again!

  2. Olive Fernandes says:

    Hi all! I frequently visit Bangkok for work. I mostly eat everyday at Queen of Curry. Almost everything from the menu tastes like heaven. You can either be seated inside in the nice air-conditioned hotel or be seated outside when the market is going on, it gives a great feel to this place. The yellow curry with chicken is yummy. I tasted authentic Thai food for the first time at this place three years back and I’m a huge fan of it now! You get amazing spring rolls, beef with rice for two, lots to relish. The wine is simply great and really reasonable here. It was great value for money and well worth my stay in the LOVELY city of Bangkok!
    Thanks :-)

  3. Freud Rubble says:

    I visit Bangkok city very often and it is like my second home. The people are SUPER-FRIENDLY, the street life of Bangkrak market is very lively and sparkling! You should try the Sapran Taksin Central Pier for lovely boat trips around the town where you can get to see all historic elegant palaces, night markets and awesome restaurants. Shopping is the best here. Really affordable. A fulfilling trip would be incomplete without having a meal at Queen Of Curry. The yellow curry with chicken is the best I’ve tasted so far in my life. Also they serve large serves , so you can take some delicious food along with you to have it later.

    This restaurant has simply great food. The Chicken Satay was bigger and better than anywhere else I’ve tried! I love Bangkok! Queen Of Curry is my favorite restaurant in Bangkok!
    Thanks for the post! :-)

  4. Ekeope Queus says:

    That’s a GREAT post on the city of Bangkok! Really informative and helpful. I also found the information posted by other reviewers quite helpful. Thanks :-)

  5. Tahila Thomas says:

    Congratulations! You’ve stumped me! AWESOME pictures of the Bangkok skyline and the Bangkrak market! A NICE post! Interesting feedback! I’m glad I’m here at your site. I’m definitely recommending them to my friends and will come back again for more interesting reads ! Thanks :-)

  6. Daffne D'Silva says:

    After my spiritual and holistic trip to Kerela backwaters, in India,I headed to Bangkok and Thailand to splurge on myself shopping and having great Thai food! Also I’m a huge fan of Indian food now! After the wonderful and filling tasting like home-made South Indian food I had at Kerela, I was craving for it and I got it here in Bangkok at Indus restaurant. Excellent Indian food, a great bar, playing soft Indian music in the background. My favorite is the Dal Tadka, Shahi kebabs, Malai kebabs! For desserts try rasgullas or gulab jamuns. It is near Sukhumvit Soi 26.
    So if you go to Bangkok this place is just unmissable for the lovely Indian food :-)

  7. Percy Koontz says:

    Really FANTASTIC post! I like the feedback you’ve got from your reviewers, I’m glad I came across your site! Thanks for the nice post!

  8. Rafael Trudd says:

    I’ve been to Thailand and Bangkok a couple of times and see Bangkok as a rising solace destination for foreigners who seek quietude and a calm and slow living..You’ll love the vibrancy of the Bangkrak markets, the soothing massages and lovely food and the super amiable atmosphere of this place.

  9. Jackie Rutherson says:

    Bangkok is a really nice place and its emergence in the tourist scenario as a relaxing destination with so many thing where you have nothing to do and just relax and enjoy the feel of the nightmarkets, palaces, boat rides around the city where nothing is expensive, and yet everything is just perfect! Bangkok is my favorite holiday destination :-)

  10. Langie Giuliani says:

    Nice post! Thanks :-)

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