Exotic Holidays at the Yasawa Island Resort and Spa

Australian holidays are pleasurable and exotic only because of the simple surroundings and the most fascinating locales. There are innumerable ways that one can enjoy the delights of coming to this place. The Yasawa Island Resort and Spa is a beautiful retreat which is found in this part of the world in Australia and is located in the most remote and secluded parts of Fiji. Come here and bask in the pleasures of a lovely region filled with the greatest travel memories. See the beauty of the pristine beach here filled with the most heavenly white sands. Enjoy swimming in the crystal clear waters here and experience the pleasures of a beautiful land filled with the coloured corals and go down the history lane with a culture that is very ancient. Indulge in the pleasures of a beach that has Fiji’s first spa.

Yasawa Island Resort and Spa

Come to Yasawa Island Resort and Spa and enjoy the beauty of being in this land of travel delight and fill your travel kitty with the most mesmerizing locales and the most hypnotizing features. Yasawa offers the ideal solitude and the most fabulous scenery that a tourist could ever dream off. The favourite pastime here is just plain relaxation and rejuvenation. Feel free to enjoy the peace here and enjoy the picnic experiences here in this land of deserted beaches and beautiful places. Go to the villages nearby and get involved with the local children and also participate in the church choir here. Enjoy swimming in the crystal waters of the Blue Lagoon or just plainly snorkel in the beautiful beaches here filled with the most fascinating tropical fish and the most enchanting corals. It is a place where you can just bask in the pleasures of the ambience of a beautiful locale filled with ideal activities like scuba diving, sports fishing and spa treatments.

Scuba Diving

The Yasawa Island Resort and Spa is a place that has some 11 beaches that are totally deserted and each beach here is a private paradise that is waiting just for you to enjoy and experience. There is a unique ambience here filled with picnic pleasures and this is perfectly a great private beach in this part of Australia.

Yasawa has some of the most fascinating tropical seas which are totally filled with the best kind of marine life. The waters here are perfectly for exploring and divers and swimmers are certain to enjoy the pleasures here. The island has an unspoilt environment and there are small groups of enthusiasts here which take part in diving in the beautiful reefs that are found in the shores. There are many who are still undiscovered and it is a great place to visit in the months of May and October and a fantastic region to see the migrating manta rays.

The Blue Lagoon Cavves are found in the southern part of Yasawa Island and are located behind the volcanic peak which is found at the southern part of the island. This is a place that has been the venue for many movies too and thus is a popular part in this part of the world. This is a spectacular place where one enjoys swimming within its hidden chambers and is connected to the sea through an underwater passage.

Blue Lagoon Cavves

Yasawa has a lot of cultural experience. The guests here can also visit Bukama the nearby village where the school children enjoy giving a welcome by singing. Guests also participate in the feast or the lovo. Then there is the meke or the dance ceremony which is an evening affair and the village choir here fills the entire Fijian experience with a sense of charm.

There are lot of things that Yasawa can offer for the interested tourists and the experiences of the volleyball and the tennis activities with the flood lit courts is a unique delight. There are hiking trails here which provide maximum excitement and so one could explore the scenic isles here and also enjoy the headlands and the bays. There are rugby matches here that are held during the rugby season which provide great excitement.

Yasawa Island Resort and Spa

The turquoise colour of the sea here provides the calm and clear water bodies here with great scenic delights and so the simple pleasures of beach experiences here provide greatly memorable travel pleasures.

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