Exotic destination around the world for Camping

And just going with what mentioned earlier, here is a list of unusual ways for camping and finding new exciting outdoor adventures. This list of exciting campsites has features such as being unique destinations or of exotic attractions.
These camping will set wanderlust in you, so much that you might just drop the luxuries of hotel and resorts traveling. Many of these exotic camping destinations requires for reaching there as hiking or backpacking, or by ferries/ on the boats, or on the horseback, or flying in a private plane/ Chopper/ helicopter.

Camping for Adventure Travel

You may have experienced any camping grounds, traveled to international destinations, but none of which must have made you experience something like camping in the paradise. You will need to bring your tent, or you can rent tent, or opt to stay in camping cabin. The Dining al fresco in order, but there are some gourmet restaurants for you nearby. But for wonderful and exotic camping experience, let any of these exotic campgrounds be home-base for ultimate adventure.

  • England Dorset:
    The home of Jurassic coast, giving home to the unusual of yurt village. Yurts which is like round but tent-like houses from the Mongolia. The place is year-round for camping and wood burning is used as fuel for stoves for heating or cooking. With basic needs Bed, chairs and tables round out furnishings for basic comfort. This destination is well situated for visiting striking Jurassic coast of Dorset.

England Dorset

  • Costa Rica:
    In small charter plane you will get to camping area, which is at edge of Corcovado’s National Park in the Costa Rica. Your first view will leave you whistling, main site is of groups of tent cabins which are high on bluff above ocean. The camp is near to head of coastal trail. Camping here will give you a chance for adventure hikes and enjoy watching the abundance of wildlife of this National Park. The best is climbing up some 120 feet’s up on a tree where there is platform for wildlife viewing, giving you unusual 120 feet’s up in a tree. Plan it in advance and for you might get chance for spending the night for camping up on platform.

Costa Rica adventures tours

  • Dry Tortugas:
    Key West is another popular and very jam-packed vacation destination filled with thronging crowd. But for best Dry Tortugasexperience just move more 70 miles in west and get to the Dry Tortugas, heavenly place for camping though crowded but with the sea turtles and with the beautiful coral reefs. You need to take a seaplane or through ferry to reaching to only campground, at the Garden Key. Privacy is definitely guaranteed as there are only 8 campsites. Not just camp site but you can add the water sports along here by doing scuba diving and snorkeling in the coral reefs making for unique adventure.
  • France:
    Amazed but there are actually plenty of bizarre and unique sights to visit France for camping. Like The Standing Stones of Carnac, stands to be most famous as the neolithical archaeology sites. Over some five thousands of years ago, great stones which were carved and then placed in the straight line in area adjoining the town of the Carnac. Most likely it is regarded as spiritual places for the Druid rites but local legends says the stones are Roman legions turned in forms of stone by the Saint Cornelius.

camping france

  • Spain:
    Cala Llevado is an extraordinary campsite on Spanish Costa Brava. The camp’s location is along the terraced hill which is above sea in the Tossa del Mar. Camping there you can enjoy here beautiful view of the coast and the bay, while having beach time with access to beach with crystal clear water and grainy sandy beaches. There you can go for Waterskiing, or surfing, and even diving. Camping here will keep adventures rolling in Spanish sun.

Cala Llevado camping

  • Thailand:
    Thailand’s coast is packed with the hidden lagoons, such that some Thailand kayakingare accessible only via helicopters or boats. For the adventure sports Kayaks make here as wonderful form of transport for reaching any of these camping havens. One very unique spot is along tiny beach which is near cliffs of the Koh Penak. Just remember to Paddle in and then drag kayak well up on to sandy beach. Then set up your tent and simply spend your romantic or adventurous night, as you like, by watching stars and the moon.
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  1. Alice says:

    I love to go for camping. It is one of the thrilling trips.

  2. Brown says:

    Camping can be done wherever you want. It’s just that places like forests, mountain ranges, etc. are naturally made and it is fun to play with nature.

  3. Camry says:

    There is only one difference between bag packers and that is they live in lodge and camping has got its own bedding :)

  4. Daniel says:

    All the destinations are exotic but I don’t think all of them are good for camping.

  5. Edge says:

    Camping is crazy! Mount climbing, rafting, camp fire! living in tents! it is full of life!!

  6. Fabregas says:

    France? A place for camping. All this places are known for lover’s paradise.

  7. Gayle says:

    Thailand is a place full of party! camping in such a place is not a good idea!

  8. Hanna says:

    The climatic conditions in England are not that good. It cannot be predicted so camping here is bit a question.

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