Exciting Things to do in El Salvador

Visit El Salvador in the land of America and bask in the pleasures of the central part of America. This is one of the most fascinating locales in this part of the world and is one of the most mesmerizing regions to visit while on American tours.

With a lot of things to see and many regions to visit, El Salvador is certainly a place to visit and a great destination to be in, in travels to this part of the world.

See the ruins at Chalchuapa and experience the sight of these ancient Mayan tombs which belong to 1200 BC. These have brought around 116 artifacts and these include the ceramic lizard replicas and jade jewelry. This is certainly an archaeological delight for the tourist and is one of the best discoveries in the archaeological sector where you would find the best marvels on earth. With many pyramids like structures there are many tour delights wit the biggest structures being around 24 metres high.

El Salvador

Visit the farming village of Mayan culture which has been preserved with lot of volcanic ash lying underneath. This has been recognized as a UNESCO Heritage Site since the year 1993 and has been the “Pompeii of the Americas” and has been existing since 900 BC.

Then go to Juayua which is a great place to visit in El Salvador and has the huge Crater Lake belonging to the volcano. It is a result of activity dating back to the 70,000 years This has had lot of lava flows and rhytolitic explosions. This is a caldera that has been thought to have been formed in the earlier part of life here and has a lot of lava flow surrounding it.

El Salvador volcano

Then of course there is the El Sunzal Beach in La Libertad which is a beautiful beach locale in this part of El Salvador. This has a marvelous stretch of sand with a lot of ocean pleasures and is one of the best beaches for surfing in the world.


Go to Suchitoto and come to this village which is historically very famous and is a great spot for holidaying. This has many regions of cultural interest to experience and is very popular for agriculture production and indigo cultivation. These have many places of interest and the Suchitlan Lake is one of the most important sight seeing spot here. The Suchitoto church is another place of attraction here and tourist certainly love to come to this part of the world.

Suchitlan Lake

Spanning over an area of around 22,000 square kilometres where the main language is Spanish. There are many languages that are known here and it is mainly inhabited by Roman Catholics while the Protestants represent a lesser population.

El Salvador thus achieved independence in the year 1821 and is the smallest region in South America.

The Comalapa International Airport or the SAL is the biggest airport in this part of Central America which is situated just around 45 minutes from the highway from the main city. There are local buses which ply to the city and back and thus make transportation very convenient.

There are many boulevards in El Salvador and two wide boulevards here which are a great attraction here. Then there is the Boulevard de los Heroes and Boulevard de los Proceres which is a beautiful paradise in this part of El Salvador. Then there are other boulevards which include the Paseo General Escalon, Alameda Roosevelt , Juan Pablo Segundo, and the Jerusalem Boulevard.

Visit San Salvador has many monuments which date back to the 20th century. There are many other modern monuments like the Plaza Gerardo, National Palace, and Monument to the Sea etc which are greatly enchanting monuments.

Plaza Gerardo

Then there is the Monumento Al Divino Salvador del Mundo which is the Monument to the Saviour of the World. Then there is the Metropolitan Cathedral which has the tomb of Monsignor Oscar Romero and is a great attraction for people coming to this part of the world.

Monumento Al Divino Salvador del Mundo

There are many museums in San Salvador and this is certainly a must see in the tours here and so just bask in the delights of this lovely experience here and enjoy your tours to Central America.

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