Exciting Adventures at Equatorial Guinea

Located in one of the most fascinating countries of the world, Africa, the region of Equatorial Guinea is one that has intrigued all those who have come to tour this part of the world. Situated in the Middle African region, this is made up two parts the Continental Region and the insular region.

The continental region is a land with a lot of offshore islands and is inclusive of Elobey, Corisco, and Elobey Chico. The insular region is made up of the Annobon Island and the Bioko Island. The Bioko Island was originally called the Fernando Po. This is where the capital is located.

Equatorial Guinea

Annobon lying in the southernmost tip of the region of Equatorial Guinea lies between the two islands. Cameroon borders Equatorial Guinea on the motherland Gabon is on the east and the south. The Gulf of Guinea is on the western side. This is where Sao Tome and Principe is situated between the Annobon and the Bioko. Equatorial Guinea was earlier a Spanish colony and then after independence got this name. This is a very intriguing land in Africa with Spanish as its official language. The cities of Melila and Ceuta are the other places which have Spanish as their official language.


This is one of the smallest African regions today and is visited by tourists only for its intriguing history and interesting tale. Lot of petroleum has been discovered in the recent past making it a lovely place to mine in. However Equatorial Guinea today has one of the worst human rights records in the entire world. Today it ranks amongst the worst of the worst yet people come here for its simple ambience and natural surroundings.

With the climate being tropical the dry season and the wet weather make it a combination of two kinds of climatic regions. The months of June to August sees a dry Rio Muni and a wet Bioko. The months of December to February sees the contrast happening here.

Getting a visa to this place is not easy and as you come to this lovely rainforest zone, it is a little difficult for the traveler to experience this land but is worth a try just for the intrigue and interest that it evokes in the minds of the traveler.

But for those who want to have fun, this is a greatly adventurous region. Come to the Bioko Island and enjoy the sights of the capital Malabo. This is where you would also get to see the most fascinating volcanoes and the most interesting sights of the nesting sea turtles. Come here and enjoy the land of Balta which is a beautiful colonial town. Enjoy the wildlife rain filled forest here and bask in the pleasures of the Monte Alen national park. This is where most of the travel treasures are hidden and it is greatly pristine zone to be in.

Bioko Island

There is the Corisco Island which gives true beach pleasures and the white sand of these beaches beckons the tourist to come here and let his travel hair down. There is a mix of communities and culture here and it is not surprising that people do come here just to have their bit of fun.

Corisco Island

Get your photography permit here and enjoy the beautiful sights of the region of Bata and Malabo. You would certainly have your tour share here, and would never have to go back disappointed. There is something very charming about Africa that makes you love this small bundle of surprise in this continent.

Equatorial Guinea is a tiny package in this part of Africa and is filled with the most special tour experiences.

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