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Perched midst the Dodecanese islands, Kalymnos is placed around the coast of Western Turkey between the islands of Kos and Leros. This enthralling island is an idyllic destination to chill out with your dear and near ones. Not many visitors hit this area which has kind of help to this charming beauty rather than discouraging. This leads the island to conserve its authentic charm and beauty. This impeccable and unnooked wonder seems to be pure and guileless of the worldly taints. It attracts the tourists because of its balmy locale, rocky mountains and the beautiful caves nestled in the mountains.

This island has everything that one looks for; this exotic destination is filled with adventure, tranquility, unmasked adventures and much more. Set amidst beautiful backdrop, swaying beaches, and pleasant milieu with added spice of rock climbing, this would turn an ecstasy for the rock climbers. It bestows soothing aura and also offers a great swimming experience in the beach. One can calm his or her soul after an elevated climb on the limestone cliffs of the mountains. The rocky mountains are enriched with heavy mineral deposits like limestone and the caves comprises of stalactites and slabs.

Experience the beauty of this island by covering all the distance by foot as this enchanting spot is small and everything is located at walkable distance. Catch all the fun in the flesh and explore the unsurpassable beauty.

Fundamentally, this destination is great for rock-climbing, but are you familiar with the fact that this spot was originally not dedicated for such adventurous activities. The inhabitants indulged in the occupation of sponge-fishing. One question that you would be chewing over, is that how did the people came across such an adventurous fact? Actually, inhabitants were oblivious, until the Italian couple came out open with this in the year 1996, when they visited this place. The story goes back as in the precedence, this locale was involved in sponge-fishing, but there was a great slump in this activity in the year 1986 due to a viral disease that hit the sponges poorly. The Mediterranean sponges were stricken badly and this led to a steep decline in the population. Now, this region remains to be scarcely populated numbering to just 12,000 and its populace occupy the main port and capital, Pothia.

However, this beautiful island has much to proffer with its fun escapades and serene atmosphere. The rock climbing activities are good both for the blossoming rock climbers as well as for the skilled ones. In fact, the limestone is of excelling quality and facilitates for an easier climb. The mountains are protruding and craggy lending easier accessibility to the climbers.

If you want to get acquainted on terms of mountain’s escalation, then there are around 44 high rocks and 500 single pitch routes. Except this, there are multiple pitch routes. There are around 10-200 meters cliffs, hit the ground running from the hamlet Massouri which is an exciting and best spot for starting. And you know what, the cliffs are located nearby the main city, after a long elevation; give yourself rest by taking a 5-10 minutes break to reach the city by car. If you still possess energy, then vigorously go on your foot just 5 to 20 minutes and you reach the city.

Those who are adventure seekers and want to experience fun, come in the highs of Kalymnos, create your own paths in the mountains and achieve an unique experience.

If you want to take back home unforgettable and cherished memories, come and unmask the charm of nature in this destination. But don’t forget to carry the safety gears like helmets, climbing shoes and other indispensable props with you. For other information, contact Kalymnos Municipality which is always at the doorstep for providing tourists with necessary assistance.

Rocking start in the rocks:

If you are arriving here for the very first time but not acquainted with trails that can offer for a good climb, even then you don’t need to worry because Aris Theodoropoulos is the man who can disperse all your worries with his informative solutions. He is the man behind the book ‘Kalymnos Guidebook.’ He foresaw the requirement of maps and descriptions of various accessible trails for newly arrived tourists.

International Climbing Festival:

Kalymnos, apart from being an ideal destination for rock-climbing, it also does the boosting job by holding International Climbing Festival. The first time it pioneered in October 2000 and it as again organized in 2004 and 2006. Here, there is a conglomeration of skilled, competent and not only this, it also gives chance to the fresh starters to participate in this festival. It bestows equal opportunities for the beginners and proficient rock climbers and seeks for everyone’s views and ideas. It takes into account everyone’s views and promises for getting better and better each time it takes place. And after this the virtual ecstasy begins, when the actual activity of the rock-climbers kicks off. Last year, about 600 people participated in this thrilling adventurous act and made it a big hit. Every time, they participate and experience the fun and adventure, every time it generates a wild fanaticism to rock again in the mountains. So, what are you waiting for, accumulate all the essential safety equipments and rock on the next time when it is held.


Best time to visit:

The best time to commence on an itinerary in Kalymnos is during the spring season or the fall. Don’t consider summer as a good option, because its very hot during that period. The rains here fall in December, it would be cool to visit during this time because rains don’t fall much over here. But embarking on a journey here round the year won’t make you suffer much because this spot endows for a calm and pleasant weather. You can take fun of swimming during the summer to beat the heat, it would be amazing fun.

Getting there:

Integral part of the Southeastern Dodecanese Island’s in Greece, to arrive here land at the popular Greek tourist center, Kos. You can get an easy access here by numerous European holiday flight carriers. Now to reach the final destination i.e. Kalymnos, catch a short taxi ride and then navigate to the core point that is the capital, Pothia. Reside at Massouri for accommodation facilities and embarking on rock-climbing because this place endows for a lively start to the heart, Kalymnos. Also, it facilitates for various hotels and studios providing you with lots of options.

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