Eravikulam wildlife National Park and Sanctuary

Situated in the scenic hill station of Munnar, Eravikulam National Park stretches in this part of India in the southern state of Kerala. Mainly founded to establish the protection of the Nilgiri Tahr, the park got notified officially as a park in the year 1978. With great verdant stretches and grass this park lies on the high mountains on the western coastal regions of the Munnar division of forestland. Located on the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, the Eravikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is known as the Annamalai National Park in Tamil Nadu.

Eravikulam Wildlife Sanctuary

During the British era in India, the sanctuary was owned by the North Travancore Land Planting Society. Later the Kanan Devan Hill Produce Corporation took over this place and converted the entire place into a private zone as it was found that the place was not suitable for tea plantation. This whole place was declared a wildlife sanctuary in the year 1936 but the Eravikulam Wildlife Sanctuary was established much later in the year 1975. Eventually in the year 1978 the sanctuary got  upgraded and became a national park officially.

This park has one of the most endangered species – the Nilgiri Tahr which is a major attraction here. This is also the place where you can see the wild goat. It was with an Endeavour to protect the animals in their natural habitat that the park was mainly established. The park authorities also ensured took a lot of efforts to increase the population of the Nilgiri Tahr. Then of course the park has other wild animals like the Giant Squirrel, the Gaur, the Lion Tailed macaque, the Leopard, the sambar and the tiger. Then you find the snakes, lizards and the amphibians here which are so much a part of this verdant zone.

Nilgiri Tahr

Tourists love to come here and bask in the tropical forest region filled with evergreen trees here. Grasslands and shrubs also form a mainstay of the park and the shoals or patches of grass cover the whole region. Eravikulam is a place where one can get the sights of how tea is made. So experience the thrill of seeing tea leaves being plucked and processed to the Kundale tea plantation.

Tourists on their part should remember that they should not damage any flora or fauna here. They should ensure that they do not pluck any leaves or flowers and also deter others from doing so. While touring the park, it is advisable that they don’t litter the place, throw lit matches, cigarette buds etc. Littering the place is also not allowed and polythene and plastic bags should be given a pushover. Loud music, and talking in high volume is best avoided as it hinders the animals.

Eravikulam Wildlife Sanctuary

Take care that you don’t irritate the animals and always keep them safe and secure. Carry light cotton clothes when you visit this park as the climate is generally pleasant in summer. For winter tours you can take the lighter woolen clothes. November and February form the best times to visit this park.

With the nearest airport as Cochin, and the Ernakulam as the nearest Railway station, Eravikulam Wildlife Sanctuary and national park is surely an easily accessible wildlife zone. With the last road ending at Rajamalai, the national park has this as its headquarters. Nearby Munnar is another attraction for all tourists coming to this part of the world.

Wildlife tours and national park experiences make a tourist filled with delight and enjoyment. The Eravikulam National park is no exception and provides great travel delights and pleasures.

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