Enticing Australia

Huge, attractive and multicultural Australia has everything on its lap to offer something to people around the world. The more we say, the less it will be about Australia. This huge country has many small islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans and also has the island of Tasmania with the mainland of the Australian Continent. The neighbouring countries of Australia are Indonesia, East Timor, Papua New Guinea towards the northern direction, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and New Caledonia towards northeast direction and New Zealand to the southeastern side.

All the state capitals like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide improve the glory of Australia to such an extent that this country stands distinct from the rest in the entire world. Millions of attractions could be found in Australia which is rich in plenty of its features that cannot be compared with the others. Just fly to Australia and see through your own eyes that you have never thought of. Go to any remote corner of Australia, and it will offer you something very special and awesome.

Australia City

As this is a developed country, you will get multicultural society, quality of life, health care, education, economic freedom, protection of civil liberties, political rights and many other developments. In terms of cultural offerings, the cities of Australia ranked one of the worlds highest and also in the quality of life. Australia, this name was originated from the Latin australis which means southern. The use of Australia in the English language was first recorded in the year 1625. This name was popularized further by Matthew Flinders in the early 1804 so that it should be officially adopted. This country was sometimes locally and internationally referred to as Oz and the name Australia was finally pronounced from the early 20th century.

The early inhabitation was started prior between the 42,000 and 48,000 years. The ancestors of Australia might reach here through the land bridges and short sea crossings which are today recognized as Southeast Asia. Almost all the people in Australia earlier were the hunters and gatherers by following norms of spirituality. If we date back to the history of Australia, it could be said that the long area covers a long and unending history. The gold rush, separate colonies to label as an independent state and many other tragedies are included in the history of Australia.

Australia is the sixth major country as per its total area and is the world’s smallest continent. The landmass of Australia has 7,617,930 square kilometers and this country was being divided from Asia by the Arafura Sea and also the Timor Sea. It could also be considered as the world’s major island. The coastline of Australia has 34,218 kilometres and the wide Exclusive Economic Zone covers 8,148,250 square kilometers without including the Australian Antarctic Territory.

Australia has so much of attractions that are the major and the only on the top list of the world. The Great Barrier Reef which is the pride of Australia is the world’s largest coral reef and is located at a short distance off the northeast coast with 2,000 kilometres of area. Mount Augustus is the world’s major monolith and could be found in the Western Australia. Mount Kosciuszko on the Great Dividing Range is the tallest mountain on the Australian mainland. Still this is not at all enough. You will get many other natural attractions in Australia that are among the majors in the world.

great barrier reef

The official language that is spoken in Australia is English and there is no particular state religion. Australia has semi-arid or deserted climate to most of its regions. It has various locales from alpine to tropical rainforests and hence this country is considered as a megadiverse country. Percentage wise, Australia has some 85 percent of flowering plants, 84 percent mammals, over 45 percent of birds and 89 percent of in-shore. The temperate zone fish in Australia is widespread. This country has a largest number of reptiles as compared to other countries in the world with 755 species of it.

To see the best attractions of Australia go right at the heart of this country and experience the iconic rock monolith called Uluru, then near to the Queensland coast the Great Barrier Reef is one more attraction rich with many coral beach islands, and then how one could forget the architectural wonder of Australia which is the image of this country Sydney’. The Sydney Opera House is the major attraction of Australia. And also the Sydney Harbour Bridge is another attraction that is worth visiting.

sydney harbour bridge

Other attractions of Australia from the northern territory towards Canberra are Kakadu, Arnhem Land and Katherine Gorge where you can explore the rainforests, crocodiles and other wildlife. In Queensland besides the Great Barrier Reef you have the Gold Coast, Noosa on the Sunshine Coast and Fraser Island which is the world’s major sand island. The taste of this country is Darling Downs. So do visit that place.

Fraser Island

Attractions in the New South Wales are Sydney which is the well-known landmarks of Australia, the Rocks, a birthplace of Australia, the South Coast, the Blue Mountains, limestone caves, white sand beaches, Royal Botanical Gardens, the Royal National Park and also visit the Hunter Valley to get the best vineyards and wines. Attractions in Australian Capital Territory are the Australian Parliament House, the National Gallery of Australia and the Australian War Memorial.

Australian War Memorial

To get the best attractions from Victoria to Tasmania you have the Melbourne Museum, the Great Ocean Road and the Twelve Apostles, Phillip Island where all the penguins draw closer from the sea at dusk. Besides this, the major attractions of South Australia are Adelaide Hills, the Barossa Valley wine country, Kangaroo Island, Fleurieu Peninsula and the barren desert landscape of Coober Pedy. At this place you an see half of the people live underground.

Few attractions in the Western Australia are Perth, Fremantle, Rottnest Island, Monkey Mia, here you can experience a close sight with the dolphins and Ningaloo Reef, and you can swim with sharks at this reef. Australia’s Bungle Bungles are the most wonderful color striped rock towers situated at Kimberleys. So do visit this site once. Try trekking in Tasmania’s Port Arthur where Cradle Mountain, Lake St Clair and Freycinet could be found.

Melbourne Museum

Still there are plenty of attractions to suit every budget and also every taste. So whenever you plan to visit Australia get fully prepared to rock at these wonders with the perfect blend of climate, colourful nature, crystal clear water and natural beauties. For accommodation there are thousands of hotels, resorts, lodges and many other places where one can stay and make their journey memorable. You can again book a room that suits your budget and to reach at this heaven you can get to the airports that are situated at every states or cities.

The infrastructure of Australia is highly developed where transportation offers you many facilities and services. This country has the second maximum level of car ownership in the entire world. So you can understand the capacity of roads in Australia which is the best in the world. The roads are categorized into three separate ways, Federal Highways, State Highways and Local Roads. Intra-city public transportation networks serves to its best to the people of Australia. Also the tram services are the historical transportation options that serves again to its best for the people here in Australia. Even the rail networks are huge in Australia. TO give the best of transportation facilities to the people of Australia intra-state rail services, intra-state and city rail services, Metro, Mining railways, Cane railways, and also the pipelines, Waterways, ports and harbours set to offer the best services to the entire Australia.

Sydney Airport, Melbourne Airport, Brisbane Airport, Perth Airport, Adelaide Airport, Cairns International Airport, Gold Coast Airport, Canberra International Airport, Hobart International Airport, Avalon Airport and Darwin International Airport are the major airport in the major cities of Australia from where you can get accessed to the cities and explore all the attractions. No doubt, Australia offers those attractions to the tourists that couldn’t be found in the entire world. That is the reason why people throng to this country just to get a lifetime experience where the major economy is derived from tourism.

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  1. Xabi says:

    Australia! One of the most happening place in the world! What a life to live! Peaceful, party, everything!

  2. Suzie says:

    Australia, which has the duel personality of a country and the continent.

  3. McMohan says:

    OZ!! Oh man this is the place to be. I had visited this country around 2 years back and for me it was like heaven! I just cudnt get out of it for a long time:)

  4. vince says:

    This place is just too beautiful. All the sides have different cultures and various speciality of its own!

  5. Broad says:

    I just loved Western Australia. It’s a must visit place for all the people who love wild life!rattlesnakes, kanagaroos! :)

  6. Debra says:

    Before a decade this country was not well known, but within a decade it has become one of the well developed countries of the world and people also enjoy going there.

  7. Harchelle says:

    No. 1 country in sports! Whether its cricket, hockey, olympics, etc. masters in everything!

  8. John says:

    I loved melbourne! I am from UK and had gone to Melbourne for studies. It was a great experience!specially learning their game called footy:)

  9. Newton says:

    Beach lovers, gold coast is full of life!! Everythin and anything you want, it will be served to you 24/7. Very well known as surfers paradise!

  10. Neil says:

    Sydney, its bit expensive than other place but its amazing! known for harbor bridge and world’s best fireworks at the time of the new year!

  11. Neil says:

    This country is beautiful! you can have all the fun in this country:) wild life, beaches, city life, country life, everything!

  12. Nelson says:

    Melbourne is the place where beer is cheaper than water ;)

  13. Nelson says:

    what a night life!!! pubs, discos, playing arenas! and its always full with the people. whatever time you go the streets won’t be empty!

  14. James says:

    This country has got some of the amazing restaurants. Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney,Gold Coast, Perth! Every place has one restaurant of its kind!

  15. Marie says:

    I was in sydney and i loved Oprah!

  16. Drek says:

    Aussi Aussi Aussi!!! oi oi oi!!

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