Enjoy These 10 Things In Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, heart of Malaysia, is a beguiling city which is filled with exciting and exhilarating activities. This captivating destination offers wide-ranging cuisines, spectacular architectures, lively and unusual nightlife, broad variety of shopping. So, anyone touring in Southeast Asia, give a hit to this exotic destination as well. Let’s check ahead the 10 fun-invigorating activities to do in Kuala Lumpur.

1. Shop until you drop:

Enjoy shopping spree in Kuala Lumpur; those people who just love shopping and don’t get bored of shopping… should definitely shop here in this shopper’s paradise. Ranging from classy and sophisticated malls alongside the Bukit Bintag Street to the economical roadside stalls in Chinatown, grab everything of your choice.

2. Explore the locals:

Get down on the streets and discover fascinations by yourself, go by the Petaling Street in Chinatown, and shop some excellent merchandise in this outdoor market which offers profuse options for shopping with innumerable stalls. Also, relish some indigenous dishes. Then move ahead, and pick up some decorative handicrafts from the close by Central Market; this market is famous for producing some very beautiful local handicrafts. However, don’t forget to bargain.

Petronas Twin Tower
3. Gaze the gigantic Petronas Twin Tower:

Gape over the world’s tallest Petronas Twin Tower by beholding its massive and imposing view. Also, you can cross the Sky Bridge located at the elevation of 47th floor, the entrance if free; however people are entertained here on a first-cum first-serve basis. Therefore, grab this fun opportunity by reaching before 8 am so that you get hold of that ticket.

4. Peek-a-boo in bird sanctuary:

Go in the KL Bird Park which is reputed to be one of the largest aviaries allover the world. Get up close and personal with some unusual and rare birds in this all-embracing bird sanctuary. The rhinoceros hornbills are lovely birds.

5. Walk alongside legendary monuments:

Walk alongside numerous historical and antique milestones of Kuala Lumpur. Pass through the Moorish-inspired Old Railway Station, located after the adrenalizing blue dome of the National Mosque to Merdeka Square a.k.a. Independence Square. Here, the lofty flagpole is the highest in the whole world. Behold the pleasant view of peaceful confluence of Klang and Gombak Rivers. Besides there edge, sits the popular mosque called Masjid Jamek, don’t forget to pay your homage in this holy mosque.

6. Catch panoramic views:

Get in the observation deck of the 421 meters high KL Tower a.k.a. Menara KL. From here, see a matchless bird’s eye view of the city. Gaze the spectacular summit of the Petronas Twin Tower from the heights. For beholding mesmerizing views, get there before the sunset so that you get to see scenic views when the city lightens up and the skyscrapers turn golden.

7. Spiritual visit:

Move to the legendary Hindu shrines in the interiors of Batu Caves. Situated at a distance of 13 kms from the North of KL, this gigantic limestone protrusion shelters numerous caves and cave temples. For reaching the main cave temple , climb over 272 steps.

8. Visit to aquarium:

View a trailer of what you can expect in the Malaysian seas, by paying visit to the Aquaria that sits adjoining to the Petronas Twin Tower.

9. Munch the indigenous cuisines:

Go to the Jalan Alor Street, which is esteemed to be the core of KL’s indigenous cuisines. In the street’s stalls, you will get to eat some of the world’s diverse and yummiest dishes, loads of food stalls serve wide-ranging food items from Chinese, Indian, Malay, Thai and Indonesian delicacies. The aura of the street is exhilarating and these many foods and foot stalls will awe-inspire the tourists. Relish the taste of varied meals.

10. Enjoy the roller coaster ride:

Last but not the least, sit in the KL Monorail and grab scenic views of the entire city by passing through the top of the trees.

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  1. gayle says:

    its a paradise for shopper’s…you get everything from cheap stuff to luxurious items…

  2. stephy says:

    kaula lampur is the city to be .. its got something special for every one .. may be shopping , food , entertainment etc…

  3. buzoo says:

    twin tower excellent place …its one of the rare things..beutiful !!

  4. angelina says:

    kaula lampur is a place for all senior citizens , adults , teenagers or kids …. all will love the city and its great beauty

  5. franko says:

    its a city with great infrastructure…kaula lampur is a city to rock !!

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