Enjoy Havana Attractions – Part II

The intricate descriptions of Havana are inexplicable and the negation too is kind of puzzling, possibly which has made it difficult to describe Havana’s spirit. Still, handful of authors tried their hand for describing it and came out with differing views like the Cuban Intellect Alejo Carpentier have tagged this mysterious land as ‘City of Columns,’ Federico Lorca asserted that the days he spent in Havana were the best days of his lifetime, and Graham Greene said that Havana is a city where ‘Anything was Possible.’

Havana’s magnetism, be it positive or negative, is sufficient enough to mesmerize anyone to tour in. There are many chances of getting lost in the crowded areas. Therefore, take a guide’s assistance and relish fun in Havana’s Vieja. It is an enthralling location that unveils the antique colonial memorials. Don’t just visit the monumental locations, also grab pleasure from city’s night life, its cuisines and other such indigenous factors, go visit the late-night cabaret show while enjoying the pizzazz, or just meander besides the Malecon (Av de Maceo) which is an exciting location where you can soothe your senses by viewing the waves that smashes over the pavement. Don’t just behold this mesmerizing sight; refresh yourself by playing and splashing the waters. Following this, move towards the construction site and adore the competent renovation done on the sleek, streamlined 1956 Cadillac.

Havana resortsApart from the traditional and legendary sights, Havana’s other key attractions encompasses of its down-to-earth appearance. Unlike others, Havana is not a location that is tethered with charming travelers’ resorts or ostentatious amusement parks. However, this destination possesses all these fancy charms like antique places preserved enchantingly, high-class Inns, and the added spice of lip-smacking hotels. Besides all these, there are other splendid locations like to the north is located the leafy Parque Central which is none the less a real life ‘Elia Kazan’ movie-set where you will come across grimy 1950’s time zone which is still flocked by working class moms who go shopping while there hairs are set in rollers and their young kids play baseball in the tracks with sticks and plastic balls.

However 50 years under the rule of socialism has taken its toll over Havana’s weak social and economic system, it’s the inhabitants’ determination and strong will that has been a driving force. It is a society that concocted camel buses, stretch Ladas and steaks brought out from grapefruit skin, where survival stands secondary and personal sacrifice seems to be moving ahead as a ritual. I still don’t have the perfect words to describe this location; it’s faulty but still has the exquisite charm that can capture people’s heart. Fico Fellove described Havana as a rose flower in his flick ‘The Lost City,’ it possesses the captivating charm with its seducing appeal; however it has thorns over it. It entirely depends upon you that how you pick it up, but this approach is from your side. The approach made from Havana’s side however is sure to delight you.

Havana amusement park

Tour To Quirky Havana – Part I

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